Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Very Shean Halloween

Looking at all the pictures of people dressed up for Halloween got me thinking about all the fun costumes we had growing up. Behold, the Pink Archive of Halloweens past.The balloons taped onto my hat (covered in streamers or tissue paper) are my favorite part.
I was so gorgeous as Little Bo Peep it kills me. Like the make-up? My sister, Erin, was a farm girl and my brother, Paulie, was Batman (love the boots). Poor little Jay got dressed up as a....baby? What kind of crap costume is that? :)
Poor Jay, once again dressed up like a baby. At least he's a baby wearing a jacket. :) I love that I have a big pink blow-up thing on my head.
Oh look, my poor little costume got recycled. Notice my hair all chopped off. Didn't those plastic pumpkin candy holders rule, though? They fit tons of candy!
Oh no, it's worse than I thought. The recycling of costumes affected us all. Note Erin as that farm girl again and Paulie now as the clown (where are his balloons?). At least Jay had a new costume (and it wasn't as a baby!).
See, even from a young age, I knew I'd grow up and be a Princess.
This isn't actually from Halloween, it was a school play. I put it on here for my brother Paulie because it always makes him laugh (since I totally fell during the dance - I'm in the pink vest on the left).I liked this picture because it seemed festive - plus Jay's hair looks like the same color as the pumpkin. Or is it just the orange reflection???


Mandos said...

Kristen I loved these pictures! It was fun to see you in Halloween past. Ahh... to be young again!

BCassFam said...

I love the little bo peep.