Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Top Five Halloween Costume FAILS of the Day

Anniversary Bliss Trip - Day Two (Part Two)

Our second day ended with another gorgeous sunset from our balcony.
And the sight of this hottie!
Normally we go to McLintock's for dinner, but we had a coupon to the hotel restaurant and just decided to stay in and try it.
Annual photo-in-a-photo.
Sporting our new rings.
To really celebrate, we ordered a bottle of Moscato and it was a delight!
Best salad in the world!
Couples steak and lobster dinner for two. The best!
They even comped us a creme brulee! Delish!
This was our coupon. So sweet of them!

Pinky's Fandance Flashback - Dan Akroyd

Four years ago on Halloween, we got to meet a real Ghostbuster!
Dan Akroyd himself was slinging his vodka and we were lucky enough to get ours signed and a picture with him! So cool! Such a treat.

Anniversary Bliss Trip - Day Two (Part One)

The second day of our trip was even better because it was our actual fifth wedding anniversary!
I took a pic of the prezzies I laid out for Keith the night before.
This was my pic collage for him on Instagram.
Let's celebrate!
Please note the TV is showing Sex and the City, not something salacious.
How well did Keith do? I love the Duran Duran coloring book!
Oh, and this beauty! It's a ring!
Look at the sleeping prince.
Keith wanted to pose in his new cute shirt.
We love Pismo!
The pier just re-opened, so we walked out to the end. Darn wind!
Sexy man alert!

Celebrity Wrap Up - Friday Edition

Hello and welcome to Friday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
So dramatic. Also, not a costume.
There is nothing attractive about this look. Also, not a costume.
This, however, is adorbs.
Another horrible not-a-costume look.
Obviously, a costume. But, how can he look so cheery and nice when in reality he's so not fan friendly at all? Such a bummer.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Top Five LOL Dogs of the Day

Anniversary Trip Bliss - Day One

Our entire anniversary trip was no short of amazing and I wish we were still on our trip!
I mean, this was the view FROM OUR ROOM. You could even see the ocean from our bed!
Here's Keith showing off the backpack I found him at the employee sample sale before we left. He loves it!
The backside of the backpack even had cool subtle details!
I've never seen a picture hung like this before. It was neat.
Cool Do Not Disturb sign.
Walking to grab a bite by the pier. You know, the rough life.
Beautiful sunset!
Did I mention we met some surfing goats?!
Oh yeah.
Keith was stunned at all the beauty.
Behold a slew of cheesy sunset pictures. Perfect day! Perfect trip! Take me back!