Saturday, November 22, 2008

Superman is Super

TV Land is playing the original Superman movie all weekend and so it's on right now as I type this (heaven forbid I sit in my quiet house for two seconds). I forgot how hot Christopher Reeve was and how dreamy he was as Superman. Yum. When I was little, my Dad owned a TV store with movie rentals, so we were the first house on the block to own a VCR and have movies. The very first movie I remember watching was Superman and we had the entire neighborhood over to watch along with us. When the warning screen flashed at the beginning of the movie (you know the general one that says this movie was not for public use) I got all nervous like we were breaking the law. Silly peanut. Perhaps it was this movie that started me on my superhero fetish....and love for all superhero movies. Who knows? All I know is that I would've loved to go flying around with Superman up in the sky. The tacky part of this screening tonight? Ads for the Christopher Reeve foundation during the commercial. Seems in bad taste to me. I dunno.

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