Friday, November 21, 2008

Why Did I Get Out of Bed?

You know, sometimes you just don't want to get out of bed. I certainly didn't. I left work early yesterday because I felt crummy, thinking I could sneak in a quick nap before bowling...alas, I didn't make it to bowling. I woke up just in time, but my stomach turned on me and I didn't see that being a fun time to bowl. So, I stayed home and addressed my Christmas cards. Yikes. I'm suprised my hand didn't permanently cramp from all the writing (as I send out between 150 and 200 cards.....yes, I know I'm completely ridiculous). The good news is that I only have four "strays" - meaning four addresses I need to confirm or get. That's much better than usual! Now I just need to finish decorating the envelopes with my rubber stamps (why I'm unable to mail out a plain, boring envelope I'll never know), sign the cards, and thing accomplished off my list! Wahoo! That should make me feel good, right? So, why do I feel so blah?

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