Friday, November 21, 2008

Red or Blue? I Choose Pink!

Apparently there's a big game going on this weekend - I only know this because everyone around me has lost their damn minds showing their "color pride." I will not conform to this crap. I'm wearing my John Mayer hoodie sweatshirt (which is green) on top of a Cure concert t-shirt (which is black). I know, I know, where's the pink, you ask? Well, it's not like all my accessories, tattoos, and jewelry aren't pink, so I really don't need to wear it every second of every day (wow, I sound snippy). I don't understand team loyalty to the point of being insane, although I do understand color loyalty, so maybe it's the same. If Team Pink were having a battle against Team Blue, I'd certainly be showing support of Team Pink. So, maybe I understand it more than I'd originally thought. Hmmm. Still, you won't find me anywhere near the TV or the game tomorrow....because have I mentioned that I couldn't care less?

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