Thursday, August 17, 2017

Top Five LOL Dogs of the Day

Smart Pup

Sammy has taken to cozying up near the window on our bed where the air is coolest while the window is open.
It's the cutest thing. Smart pup!

Pinky's Fandance - Paul Amos

Paul Amos sat next to us at Marvelous Nerd Years Eve and was a lovely chap (I say lovely because he's got a very cool British accent). 
I didn't realize I'd never posted our picture together, but as we'll be seeing him in Colorado Springs next weekend, I figured it was about time! Super cool guy.

Peek-a-Boo Kitty

Yesterday I was rocking a Hello Kitty shirt, Hello Kitty leggings, and Hello Kitty socks (don't worry, I stopped myself from wearing a Hello Kitty necklace, which would've put the whole ensemble over the top). 
I didn't realize my socks would show through my shoes like this and I think they make the cutest little Hello Kitty face peeking out.

Celebrity Wrap Up - Thursday Edition

Hello and welcome to Thursday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
That's just enough. Go away now.
While obviously this is an older picture, I'd never seen a picture of her wedding dress before and I completely adore it. 
There are so many things going on in this picture, I'm not even sure where to look.
She always look so fab.
This picture is here for my husband who loves this "bass face" girl from Haim.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Top Five LOL Animals of the Day

Colorado Springs Comic Con - Heading Your Way!

We're so excited to announce that Keith will be a guest at the Colorado Springs Comic Con being held next weeked, August 25th-27th.
I'm not sure I've ever been to Colorado Springs, so it'll be fun to check out someplace new! Plus, we're staying with old friends which will be awesome.

Pinky's Fandance Redux - Garrett Clayton

Last year we had the opportunity to meet Garrett Clayton at the Adventures in Babysitting premiere (for the Disney channel remake). 
Our nieces love him in Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2, so we were stoked to meet him.
I had another chance to meet him at an FYC screening for Hairspray Live! and he was still super nice. I meant to get a video message for my niece, Phoenix, but I spaced it. My friend actually tried to get one the next week at a different event and the camera didn't work, so all the video says is, "Hi, Phoenix!" (which, I kinda think, is still awesome). Really cool guy!


Celebrity Wrap Up - Friday Edition

Hello and welcome to Friday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
I love how involved Olivia and other celebs have been at getting out to march and protest. Very inspiring!
Egads. I have no words.
Lucky dog.
My fave part about this picture is the guy with the disposable camera behind Katie.
Why is this Jonai so unbuttoned? It's giving me hives.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Top Five LOL Cats of the Day

Tonight! Hear Keith On The Air

Tonight! Keith will be a guest on our dear friend Alexander's radio show called, "On The Rocks."
We always have such a great time when we visit the studio. Alexander is the best! You can hear and watch it live at

Pinky's Fandance - Jenifer Lewis

Jenifer Lewis plays a meddling mother on black-ish and does a great job on the show. She basically steals every scene she's in.
In person, she was just as funny as she is on the show. I accidentally hit her up at the buffet table (see the food plate in her hand...oops), but she was still incredibly cool. Thanks, Jenifer!

Bad Day

No need to sugar coat this: Yesterday sucked. It just wasn't a good day. Of course, it didn't help that it was a Monday to boot, right?
My car completely died on the way home in the middle of an intersection. Keith and I got into a huge fight. Oh,and I spent most of the night projectile vomiting from dinner.
So, yeah. Not my favorite day. Today is a wee bit better? Still feel icky though.

Celebrity Wrap Up - Thursday Edition

Hello and welcome to Thursday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
It's like she's her own picnic table cloth.
Ogilvie home perm gone awry??
Please go back to red.
Is this prison chic?
This poncho should be burned immediately.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Top Five There I Fixed Its

Corey Feldman & The Angels Show

While the show started WAY past our bedtimes and we were up far, far too late, we had an awesome time at the last show of their summer tour for Corey & the Angels at Whisky-A-Go-Go the other night.
Corey's band wasn't scheduled to go on until 11:30pm, but ended up going on 45 minutes late.
Still, we had plenty of friends there to hang out with. Huge thanks to this guy, Jake, for getting us into the show!
We went to the first show of the tour, so it was neat to see how much it had improved. It was already great, but now it was even better!
After the show we had a chance to see Corey for a few minutes. I love this picture of us!
It was also fun to see Corey's wife, Courtney.
This is our girl, Sammi, who is also Corey's publicist.
And Will, who was a huge part of our VIP treatment. We were totally taken care of all night.
Keith was just in a movie with this guy...
And this is Corey's manager, Phil, who's awesome.
Last, but not least, Sammi and her friends! Super fun time. In fact, we spent the rest of the weekend recovering from it!