Monday, November 17, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Monday Edition

Good morning and welcome to today's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.John Mayer seems to be saying, "You looking at me, Pinky? What? Are you going to mock my short hair yet again? Or perhaps you've got a problem with my upturned collar or my porn stache? Or is it my perfectly groomed eyebrows or untucked shirt? Why are you always picking on me, Pink?" And then under his breath he says, "Because all I do is love you, Pink. You know that." OK, so I *may* have added that last part just for me. :)I love the way Faith Hill is tightly clenching Tim McGraw's hand. It's not enough that she gave one of his fans a verbal smackdown for loving on her man, now she's going for blood with the white outfit (read: matronly) and death grip on her husband. Gavin Rossdale in very little clothing holding a baby? Yes, please. Could there be a yummier sight? I think not.Under extreme duress, I'll admit to having watched an occasional episode of Full House. That being said, I must've missed the episode where Stephanie Tanner learned how to dress up like a street walker. Red lipstick with a turquoise dress? Honey, no. At least her hair is shiny.I love that Nicole Kidman can proudly walk taller than her husband and he doesn't seem the least bit fazed with his dwarfness (unlike other husbands she may have had in the past...cough cough...). That being said, what on earth is the ribbon tied on her arm? I understand wearing ribbons for a cause, but that's just silly. Maybe she needed a reminder to dye her hair again or get another Botox treatment? Yes, perhaps that's what the ribbon is for after all.

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