Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our Neverending Trip by the Numbers

After what might possibly have been the longest drive known to man, we're finally settled in our hotel in rainy Florence, Arizona. Here's the breakdown of our horror:
Number of hours spent in the car between Nevada and Arizona: 1,000 (*slight* exaggeration, but not by much)
Number of missed exits: 1
Number of miles extending trip by missing said exit: 100 (OK, it was probably only 17 miles, but it felt like a 100)
Number of minutes spent in line at Popeye's: 20 (only one person was ahead of us in line...yeah, NIIIICE).
Number of kids still awake by the time we arrived: 1 (the others tried, but didn't quite make it)
Number of hours stuck at the Hoover Dam: 2 (after spending an hour in Las Vegas traffic)
Number of times we asked ourselves why we drove instead of flew: 1,000,000
Number of Diet Pepsis consumed: 5,212
Number of profanties and fights on trip: infinity
Number of casinos we passed and wanted to check out: 10

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