Sunday, September 30, 2012

Top Five LOL Cats of the Day

Blast From The Past

The strangest thing happened last night at The Go-Go's concert. I was sitting there near the end of the concert and noticed a guy in the section over kind of staring at me. At first I thought it was odd until I looked closer and thought he looked rather familiar.
In fact, he looked exactly like my dear friend, Curtis, who lived in LA during the time I took my acting classes there when I was 12 and was related to the family we stayed with.
Now, during that summer, Curtis was the coolest thing on earth to me. There was nothing greater, or hotter, in my opinion. He was older, lived in LA, and had really cool blonde spikey hair. He WAS the '80s to me - loved all the best music, had the greatest friends, and was just the best thing on earth.
So it shouldn't have surprised me that he was at an '80s show last night rocking out next to our garden box seats at the Hollywood Bowl. I haven't seen him in at least 20 years despite the fact that we're friends on Facebook. SO fun to see him! I just wish we could've hung out longer....

Pinky's Fandance - Justine Bateman

Once upon a time I took acting classes in LA during the summer of my 12th birthday. The acting school just happened to be owned by Jason Bateman, his sister, Justine Bateman, and their dad, Ken Bateman.
I only saw Justine one time back then and I wasn't able to get a picture. I've loved her since she was on Family Ties, so I was stoked to see her at an event a few weeks back. I told her about taking the class at her theater...I'm not sure she was that interested in it, but oh well. Still stoked!

We Got The Beat

In the same way people can tell you where they were when Kennedy was shot, I can tell you exactly where I was when I first heard The Go-Go's: The  year was 1981, I was 8 years old, sitting on my best friend Megan's bed, and we were having a sleepover when she put on a record by The Go-Go's. I thought it was amazing and have been entranced ever since.
Despite seeing them in concert many, many times over the years, last nigh was the first time I ever had "VIP" tickets and had a chance to meet them all together.
My friend Mikey, from, and I were "Wonder Twins" with our VIP bracelets. Don't be jealous.
This was a tote bag that came along with our tickets. Cute, right?
As a VIP person, you were able to get one item autographed and a picture with the band. I didn't really have anything to autograph, but Mikey was able to find me a cool album (I believe the same one I originally heard in 1981) that I was able to get signed. Score!
The girls were very nice, my only complaint was that one was missing (she broke her arm or something) and I wanted to stand next to Belinda. Oh, well.
My friend Duggan took this shot from the side since my camera was having some issues. Standard, I know.
There were three opening acts - Bow Wow Wow, The Motels, and the Psychedelic Furs. I love the Furs so much and was stoked to see them live - this is what the stage became when they sang "Pretty In Pink." Loved it!
Duggan ended up seeing the lead singer, Richard Butler, backstage later and was able to get me an autograph. Here he is signing it to me.
Apparently he even has a cat named Pinky. WIN!
The Go-Go's show was amazing - I had so much fun! Fave part was when they had drga queens come out and pose as the waterskiing girls they were on the cover of their album long ago. Too cool! Thanks, Mikey, for a fun time! :)

Celebrity Wrap Up - Tuesday Edition

Hello and welcome to Tuesday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
Man, I needed to powder my nose at the Emmys - I wish I'd seen Lucy Liu so I could use her dress as a mirror.
Is this happening with any sort of regularity? David Beckham and Rod Stewart just hanging out in a park together in LA? If so, where exactly is this park located and can I come?
As much as I love Tina Fey, I wish she'd wear her hair down. It's so much lovelier that way.
Um, Linds, why were we not invited to this??!!?!? Gah!
Now, we all know I adore Ellen and Portia, but it seems to me that only one of them should've been allowed to rock the pants look and, obviously, that person is Ellen. Portia, sweetie, next time just put on the dress and look gorgeous, OK? No more Mummy material, k? Thanks.

Top Six Postsecrets of the Day

Elvis Has Entered The Building

It's been a non-stop few weeks and this weekend didn't get any less eventful. I was hoping to have a little downtime, but that didn't seem to be in my list of things to do. *sigh*
On Friday at work we had a Vegas themed party complete with an Elvis impersonator. The best part was that he seemed to take a shine to me and serenaded me in front of everyone! Crush has the pics, but hopefully I'll get them someday and be able to share them with you. They were too funny! In the meantime, here I am hanging out with Elvis after the serenade. Good times.

Pinky's Fandance - Andrew McCarthy

It's no secret how much I love the movie Pretty in Pink, especially its three main stars - Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer, and Andrew McCarthy. I've longed since wanted to meet Andrew and yesterday I finally got my chance.
Andrew was doing a book signing in Pasadena and wild horses couldn't keep me away from getting a chance to meet him. Despite needing to be at the Hollywood Bowl for a concert an hour later, I still had to try to meet Andrew - it's Blaine, for goodness sakes!
Even more exciting than the pic? The fact that he finished my beloved album cover - now all three have signed it. Hooray! Best day ever! :)


And the award for Worst Customer Service and all around Terrible Service goes to DirecTV who, upon learning that our DirecTV satellite receiver was completely dead and unable to be revived, arranged to have a new one sent out in THREE days, despite the fact that we're unable to watch anything on TV, record any shows, oh, and we essentially LOST EVERYTHING THAT WAS ON THE RECEIVER SO FAR. WHAT?!?!?!
I was so mad when I was talking to them because they kept saying how they could only ship it standard - as if other shipping options weren't available. The guy I spoke to was such a tool I could barely form sentences by the end of our conversation because all I wanted to do was punch him in the mouth.

I wish we could do ANYTHING other than this terrible excuse for a TV channel. They really piss me off and could give a crap less about their clients.

Celebrity Wrap Up - Monday Edition

Hello and welcome to Monday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
Is it me, or was Melissa looking a little goth at the Emmys?
I like the idea of her hair color, but not on her. She just bugs me for some reason.
Love Jessica, but someone needs to tell her to get a little bit of color. This totally washes her out.
Yikes! That hair! That stance! It's too much. I want to take some scissors to the mane.
Part of me loves this dress and the other half thinks she wandered up from the beach onto a red carpet.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Top Five LOL Animals of the Day

The Internet Brings Everyone Together

So, get this - last night we were at the Il Volo concert before it started and I decided to check out Facebook for a minute. What did I see? A picture of my longtime dear friend, Tina, from high school, saying she's at Il Volo. Um, what?!?! I called her up and we immediately went and met up in the lobby. So cool!
I hadn't seen her forever (she lives in San Diego) and I hadn't met her partner yet, so it was a WIN-WIN!
Also amazing?!?! After I saw Tina, I checked Twitter and noticed that the one and only Michael Damian had tweeted a picture of him and his mom at the concert. Michael Damian! AKA Danny Romalatti from The Young & the Restless!!! I instantly tweeted him back to see his location, but then started scanning the huge theater hoping for a glimpse. Although my dad said I'd never find him, apparently he doesn't know my skill level at finding celebs I love because, sure enough, I found Michael Damian in the crowd - he was in our section!!! How great is that?!?! Not only was he happy to pose for a pic, but he kissed me on the cheek! Day made! Thanks, internet, for bringing us all together. :)

Pinky's Fandance - Brittany Snow

For a long time I've heard about how nice Brittany Snow is, but the only time I'd ever seen her was when she was rushing out of a party a year ago and wouldn't stop. So, I wasn't really sure if the rumors were true.
Thankfully, I had another chance to find out for myself and Brittany is like the nicest person EVER. I loved her and wanted to be BFFs. Her dress was great, too!

Il Volo In Concert

One of the things my dad really wanted to do for his birthday was to see a concert. At first we got tickets to Kris Kristofferson, but then that got cancelled. Luckily, we got wind of one of his fave bands coming to town - the Italian trio, Il Volo.
Last night we went to see them at the Gibson Amphitheater and they were a lot of fun. My friend Tina actually took these pictures at the end of the show. Great shots!