Thursday, November 20, 2008

ADD of the Pink Brain

I must be suffering from some sort of pink ADD (would that be PADD)? I'm such a scatterbrain lately. I have so much to do and therefore I do....nothing. Not one little thing. Zip. In preparation for my trip to Arizona next week, I've got a million things to do. See, my Dad and I have been celebrating Turkey Day with my sister's family for the past few years and since we rarely see them on Christmas, we've started doing Christmas with them on the day after Thanksgiving, which is super fun and the kids love it. Also, super stressful. Hello, I'm supposed to have five weeks until Christmas, not a week. Blurgh. I'm also trying to get my Christmas cards out (because for some reason I need to get my cards in the mail on the day before Thanksgiving....who knows why...I'm a mental case....which we've already established). I need to pull it together. Must. Relax. Must. Breathe. Must try to accomplish anything today. Just one thing. Is that so hard?

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