Thursday, February 28, 2013

Top Five LOL Cats of the Day

Rent This: Fun Size

I just saw the cutest little movie called Fun Size
While at first glance it just looks like a little teen caper involving Halloween, a missing brother, and a Big Party they're trying to get to, in reality it's that and a whole lot more. It's a movie with heart.
Of course, it doesn't hurt that her little brother is like the most adorable little terror ever. Look at him! He's a WIN.

Pinky's Fandance Flashback - Jennifer Lawrence

Yes, I know. We're standing in front of the restroom. FAIL. Let's pretend our background is better. 
I love Jennifer Lawrence and I'm so excited that she won an Oscar for Best Actress in Silver Linings Playbook. Congrats, Jennifer! I was lucky enough to meet her a few years back the first time she was nominated and she was super cool. Lately I've heard she's turned "to the dark side" which makes me sad, but once upon a time she was fan friendly. Perhaps Hunger Games did her in?

Backbeat: The Birth of the Beatles

Last night my dad and I went to the Ahmanson theater to see the place called Backbeat which is about the birth of The Beatles. 
Essentially it talks about the early years of the band when there were five of them - Paul, John, George, along with Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best.
The story was great and the music was incredible. Our seats may have been a *wee* bit close, though, as second row had all these people from the play dancing around us. I understand they were trying to draw the audience in or have an experience, but most of the time they just felt super annoying.
I was especially fond of the actors who played George Harrison and Stuart Sutcliffe. Yum. It's a fun show and left me wanting to learn all about their early years in Hamburg. Check it out if you get a chance!

Celebrity Wrap Up - Saturday Edition

Hello and welcome to Saturday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
I will never understand why she continues to be invited to things.
Holy crap. She forgot her shirt!
What happened to her face?
Poor muppet.
For someone going through a public break-up, she sure looks amazing.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Top Five FAILS of the Day

Finding One's Crew

I think the best thing about being out here - aside from my job, nearness to my family, and access to a lot more celebrity events - would have to be the amazing friends I've been able to meet.
When I first got here, I wasn't sure who to trust, who to talk to, or what was going on, but as time's gone by, I've learned who I can depend on and who I want to "go to battle" with (which it feels like we're doing sometimes!). 
There's an entire "underground community" of fans who share this hobby with us and sometimes it's hard to know who's only in it for themselves. I'm happy to report that my group of friends is solid and I'm so glad they're here!
Let's toast to friends near and far and thank the celebrity gods who brought us all together. Hooray!

Pinky's Fandance - Jonathan Silverman

Jonathan Silverman used to be on a show I loved called The Single Guy. Of course, he was also in Weekend at Bernie's and a myriad of other things, but I loved him on that show.
I just recently found out he's married to the adorable Jennifer Finnigan, but when I met her I don't remember seeing him. I'm so excited that he happened to be at Chateau the other night! He was SO freaking cool! Of course, you've gotta love the photobomb by Michael B. Jordan in the background. :)

Team Ricky Schroder

So, earlier today I saw this tweet from TMZ saying that Ricky Schroder was "allegedly" in a fight with some TSA agent at LAX and "allegedly" assaulted her. Um, I could've told you without ever having met Ricky (the happily married Mormon father of four who openly weeps - in a good way - when he speaks in church. I've witnessed it. I know.) that this story is 1000% false. So, I couldn't just sit back and say nothing. Here is my reply:
In what would've blown away my 12-year-old self, Ricky not only followed me on Twitter, but he replied directly to me! Check it out:
Um, could he be any cooler? Thanks, Ricky! Team Ricky Schroder all the way! 
Oh, and don't forget he's got a new special coming on the Hallmark channel called Wild Hearts. Can't wait to see it! It stars his whole family!

Celebrity Wrap Up - Friday Edition

Hello and welcome to Friday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
While I do realize it's a different dress, I can't help but feel like this is the EXACT same dress Adele always wears. Snore.
Um....that's not the look I'd go for at the Vanity Fair party, but, hey. I guess if you don't really care what you look like then it's fine.
Apparently somebody was a HUGE fan of Xanadu.

Oh, no. Did James happen to fall head first into a bottle of bleach? Fix him, Heidels!
Did she just get out of the shower?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top Five LOL Dogs of the Day

The Best Show You're Not Watching

Have I mentioned how much I love - I mean LOVE - the NBC sitcom, Parks & Rec? It's SO freaking good. Sure, it took a long time to find it's groove, but it consistently gets better every week and I'm just completely and totally in love with it.
Ben and Leslie are just the cutest couple on earth and this past week they finally got married! Yes, I *may* have cried my eyes out.
Look at Leslie's dress! Could she be any more adorable? I don't think so.
The characters are so diverse, but somehow all fit perfectly together. Of course, I love that I have pictures with the entire cast. Lately I can't seem to stop getting pictures with Adam Scott (who plays Ben) - I've gotten a picture with him at least three times in the past month alone. I may need a 12-step program to stop.
Look at them! I almost want to cry just looking at that picture.
If you're not watching Parks & Rec, I could not recommend it more highly than I do. Start at the beginning and trust that they'll get better. They do. Before you know it, you'll be hooked. You can thank me later.

Pinky's Fandance - Michael Pena

Michael Pena is a tricky one because he looks a lot like another actor I like and I always get them confused. Fail. Finally, I was able to get a picture with the right one (instead of the wrong one I keep getting and then getting annoyed that it's the same person over and over....and not Michael Pena).
Sadly, he took off his super cute glasses right before we took the picture. Doesn't he know how much glasses turn me on? Oh, well. Maybe I'll be able to get the glasses shot another time. Stoked to meet Michael!

Thanks For Nothing, Billy Joel

The other day as I was hanging out with my girl, Lindsay, from, we just happened to stumble upon the one and only Billy Joel sitting in a lobby of a hotel having a drink. What are the odds?!?!! As he was drinking with a friend, I didn't want to interrupt him, but then he stood up to move tables (which everyone knows is totally fair game). So, I took my shot. I mean, how often do I get a chance to see Billy Joel?!?!  
Here's the thing - I'd scoped out our surroundings before I went up to him. There were a multitude of people hanging out, taking pics, enjoying each other....none of them, I might add, paying any attention to the fact that Billy Joel was sitting in their midst. Just me. So, I went up and asked if there was any possible way I could get a picture with him. He gave me some bullshit excuse about not wanting to draw attention to himself. I told him I understood, but I was such a huge fan and loved everything he's ever done. And this is the part that bothers me - As I was telling him what a huge fan I was, he gestured with his hand like, "Yeah yeah yeah" as though he's heard it all before and who really cares. And, I'm sure he has. It's freaking Billy Joel. But that doesn't mean he can minimize my love for him, right? I mean, he made me feel like an asshole. I suggested we step into an alcove around the corner where no one would see and he said no, he was in a meeting, but I could SHAKE HIS HAND. Um, WHAT?!?! Why didn't he just punch me in the face? Because that's what it felt like. I seriously almost started crying. Sure, he doesn't owe me anything; he was on his personal time. He didn't have to take a picture with me. It was just his dicky behavior that I didn't appreciate. So, thanks for nothing, Billy Joel. You've lost a fan here.

Celebrity Wrap Up - Thursday Edition

Hello and welcome to Thursday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
Please please please let me be in the middle of this hunk sandwich. I would happily die positioned right in between these two beautiful, gorgeous, irresistible men. Slurp.
I'm just laughing because I recognize both of those collectors in the background. Why am I never seen behind celebs? It's not fair! :)
For the love! Will you PLEASE shut your mouth?!?!? Are you hungry? Is that it?
Even with that ridiculous thing on his head, you can still recognize the idiot.
I love Ferris and SJP. Even if he is wearing a bow-tie.