Friday, October 31, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Saturday Edition

Hello and welcome to today's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.Hey Miley, we get it. You're trashy. You're some sort of success story. You're a role model for young girls the world over. So, why is it that for being only 15-years-old, you look rode hard and put away wet? Who in their right mind would aspire to look like a 40-year-old trailer dweller? Kate, sweetie, have you looked in a mirror lately? Obviously the break-up with Owen Wilson, your failed marriage, and whatever trysts were on your agenda are hitting you hard. Brown boots, brown tights, with a boring grey sack dress and a jovial green (possibly stolen from a leprochan) hat? Really? Why does Mel Gibson look like he was playing dress up in his father's closet? Why are his pants so saggy and bunched? And when did he get so freaking old?Juliette Lewis, you're so kitschy and quirky. When I saw you at Sundance years ago, you were radiant and beautiful and I could *almost* see how you landed Brad Pitt (for three years!??!) long ago. However, this, what exactly is that? Are you wearing a skirt, pants, tights, what? Did you rip that shirt off your 100-year-old grandmother? And what are you smiling at?The good news? Lindsey Lesbian is finally not wearing those hideous leggings. The bad news? I don't think she's wearing much of anything. Um, does she think those tights are passing as leggings and/or pants? Because the skirt (if you can call it that) barely covers her hoo-haw. Honey, just because you're batting for the other team now doesn't mean clothing is optional.

When a Mouse Met a Kitty

After work on Friday I went down to the Gateway mall to meet McH, McG, and McP the Mouse for some Halloween adventures. Over at the museum they were having a little costume parade of all the kids, so we had to stop by and make an appearance. McP had fun playing in the kidland, despite completely roasting in the mouse outfit. One of the kids was dressed up as Jack Sparrow and looked hysterical with the dreadlocks. I loved it. Have you ever seen a sweeter little mouse? (Side note: I don't think you'd scream if you found this in your purse, Shmegan). :)

A Bug and a Buzz

How cute are my niece and nephew? Behold Ava the ladybug and Owen as Buzz Lightyear. Too precious for words! :)

Super Cute Scarf

I had an unexpected surprise today at work when I got an email from my friend Taryn (see her blog in my link list), who used to work with me. She was going to stop by to get her mom (who still works there) and said she wanted to drop off a little something. As I hadn't seen her in forever (or her adorable kids), I jumped at the chance to see her - if even for a brief time. To my surprise, she
brought me this fantastic pink scarf for my Sundance adventures - it's so snuggly and warm! I can't wait to use it. Thank you, Taryn, for the scarf! I love it. When I got home tonight from further Halloween adventures, I snapped a picture of the scarf for your viewing pleasure. Yeah, I know you love the pink hair.

An Extra Batch of Halloween Funnies Just for You

I Don't Have to be Rational

I don't know about you, but sometimes I just don't feel very rational. I'll make a decision (albeit *possibly* an irrational one) and that's that. My mind has been made up. I don't know why this happens, it's just how it is. Granted, I do think I'm getting better as I get older, in that I'll actually listen and try to see things from other points of view (and, honestly, if a boy is involved I usually make every excuse for him in the book), but there will come a point when I'm just done. I don't want to hear it, I'm just done. I need to walk away. I'm at that point right now with a few people. It's been a long time coming, but I've had it. Unless something drastically changes (or my requests are heard and acted upon), then I'll wish them well and walk away. I'm actually kind of proud of myself. When did I grow up? :)

Halloween Funnies

Celebrity Wrap Up, Halloween Edition

Hello and welcome to the Halloween Edition of Celebrity Wrap Up. We've got some scary sights today. Boo!It's so sweet to see Nicole Ritchie, Joel Madden, and their daughter, Harlow, out at the pumpkin patch. Nicole must have been feeling the Halloween spirit, because she obviously decided to dress up like a bug.Gwen Stefani almost hit this list five days ago for this ensemble, until I read that this was her egg costume. Phew! I was worried she was trying to pass this off as some love angel music baby freaking outfit.I have never seen so much yellow in my life. Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, their son Liam, and their dog, Mimi LaRue (why is my mind filled with this information? Shoot me now), continue to terrorize their neighbors by blinding them with their yellow spirit. Um, where's the baby? Did they forget they have a new baby? The dog gets to come, but no baby? Grace Jones (yes, apparently she's still alive) continues to do what she does best: terrorizing small children. Here's my question - Was this really a costume, or, say, Monday night?Please, God, let this be wacky and spry Australian Paul Hogan (otherwise known as Crocodile Dundee), dressed up for Halloween as a rapidly aging rocker. If he's not, then I don't want to know about it. Ouch.Katie Holmes has a perfect costume! Can you guess what she is? If you guess a brain-washed-wife-of-alien toting small, frightened Ramona the Pest (seriously, is her haircut NOT Ramona the Pest?), you would be correct! :)

Maxine Halloween

What's New, Pussycat?

Happy Halloween! I haven't dressed up in so long - it's kind of fun. I'm wearing a hodgepodge of things, but I think put together they make up some sort of cat (which is ironic, since we all know I hate cats - except for Hello Kitty, but as we've covered, she's a cartoon, not an actual cat). As I was walking into work today I saw the most amazing sunrise - it seemed perfect for this Halloween day. Plus, on the radio they were playing "Thriller" and "Ghostbusters." Too perfect! My friend Angie got a super cute purple wig, so we had to show off our hot stuff costumes. Jealous? :)


Last night I met some friends at the Spaghetti Factory for dinner after bowling. Unfortunately, our bowling game went way long and I was starting to panic that I wouldn't make it. In the future, I need to give myself way more time to get from one activity to the next (plus, I forgot I hadn't programmed my VCR to tape Grey's Anatomy, so I had to stop by my place to do that - priorities, you know). Dinner was fun and it was nice to get caught up - especially since my friend Inge is completely Facebook obsessed (like a few other people I know) and I always enjoy talking to fellow fans. Plus, I got to hear a few blind date stories that put my sad stories to shame. :) Ah, the life of a mid-thirties single girl....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

There is a God

Wahoo! After the recent success of the new 90210, The CW is in talks to bring back my beloved Melrose Place. Could I be more excited? I think not. :) Just imagine it....the cast all grown up...Amanda in rehab...Alison finally being able to stop whining....Billy getting the girl...Jake being a successful bar owner...Kimberly, oh wait. Kimberly now lives on Wisteria Lane (as does Matt, now that I think about it). No matter. I'm sure she can make a guest appearance to burn down Michael once and for all. My brother Jay should be excited, as his entire nickname was based on a bit character from Melrose (which I won't expand on, since it's a tad bit embarrassing for him). Yee-haw! I'm so excited about this!

The Pepsi Smile

Did you hear that Pepsi has a new look? Apparently, they're billing it as the Pepsi smile. Um, OK....Do you notice that the Diet Pepsi smile is significantly smaller than the Pepsi smile? What exactly is that about? I call foul.

Celebrity Wrap Up, Thursday Edition

Good morning and welcome to today's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.Is it wrong that I kind of love this outfit? I can't find a single thing out of the ordinary with it. What's that? It's just me? Yeah, that's what I figured. Oh, and this is Jordan - she's some sort of UK celebrity (yes, my mind is even filled with useless trivia regarding celebs across the pond. Go figure). The small animal around her shoulders notwithstanding, does Jessica look like a bobblehead to you? I'm surprised she doesn't fall over.Alas, the celebrity trend of never cutting their child's hair continues. Why is Celine wearing a tent?I realize Joaquin Phoenix just declared his intention of retiring from acting, but when did he become homeless? Shouldn't that happen *after* he's a washed-up has-been? My goodness Gwen Stefani makes adorable children! Even cuter? Kingston (her oldest son) is riding in the wheelbarrow with Ruby Sweetheart, the daughter of Tobey Maguire. I see a future supercouple...