Thursday, November 29, 2012

Top Five Dogs of the Day

Christmas in the Cube

So, my cubemate a work, Clarissa, and I decided that we needed to make our cubicle super festive this year. Mission accomplished!
We started with these awesome hanging decorations.
Then created a fireplace scene on the outside of the cubicle....
complete with stockings (hung by the chimney with care, ahem) for the entire team.
We had some fun with the decorations...
(notice how Disney themed they are)...
And even added a cute little tree!
By little, I mean mini. It's teeny tiny.
Behold, the masterpiece! Now all we need to add is a few lights. Wahoo! :)

Pinky's Fandance - Eric Bana

Can we just take a moment and appreciate how incredibly fine Eric Bana is? I mean, just look at him - he's perfection.
I loved him in The Time Traveler's Wife and Lucky You. He's dreamy. Did I mention he's also amazingly nice AND has a British accent? *slurp*

Pretty Princesses

There's a 50% sale on frames at our employee store this week, so I splurged and got this super cute princess one. Hey, it had Ariel on it - how could I resist? :)
Of course I had to put a perfectly princess picture in it, to boot. :)
Speaking of princesses, how adorable is this?
Or this?
Can you tell Cinderella is her favorite?

Celebrity Wrap Up - Saturday Edition

Hello and welcome to Saturday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
Dear Ben: I love you. That is all.
Dear Matthew: Please stay indoors and away from all cameras until you put some weight back on. You're terrifying children with that look.
Dear Nicki: Do you ever close your mouth? Just wondering.
Dear Gerard: Swoon.
Dear Kristen: Um, a black bra with a white top? Do you really need more people talking about your mis-steps? Try again.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Top Five FAILS of the Day

It's Official: I'm Going to Sundance

So, this may or may not surprise you, but I was actually totally on the fence about returning to Sundance this year. In fact, I'd just about ruled it out. This was due to a variety of reasons: work responsibilities, last year was a bad festival, and, well, that whole London debacle didn't really help.
Still, I could never really say no to returning - this will be my 12th year, after all. So, it's official: I've signed the papers, accepted my transportation job, and will be going back.
The film program has started to be announced and I have only one major concern: Will my Josh Radnor-itis flare up again? Because he's going to be there. GAH!

Pinky's Fandance - Lisa Bonet

Growing up, who didn't think "Denice Huxtable" was the coolest girl around? She wasn't only beautiful, but she was witty, funny, and everyone loved her. Even after she left The Cosby Show she still emanated that radiant vibe. I loved seeing her as a free-loving spirit on High Fidelity and I've envied her relationship with hotter-than-hot Jason Mamoa. Between him and her previous relationship with Lenny Kravitz, she's been with some super fine men!
In person, unfortunately, she's a bit cold and aloof, but to her credit she did take the photo, which I appreciate. Of course, I think it had more to do with Jason being right there and being the nicest guy ever, but no matter. I was finally able to meet Lisa Bonet and for that I'm grateful - even if my camera decided to majorly fail me that day.

Yep. That Sounds About Right.

Celebrity Wrap Up - Friday Edition

Hello and welcome to Friday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
Holy cuteness, Gwen. Oh, yeah, the dog is pretty cute, too.
Were they on the was to a Prom in 1964?
In case you're wondering, I'm completely unable to pass up posting a picture of Brad...especially when he's rocking the long hair.
This looks like a "Walk of Shame" outfit to be worn AFTER the event, not before.
I love seeing Pink as a mom! Totes adorbs!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Top Five LOL Cats of the Day

It's a Miracle (Part Two)

So, I've been meaning to tell you about this all week. That is, my epic battle with the U.S. Postal Service.
Now, it's not as epic as it is just silly, really. You see, it all started with Groupon. Yes, Groupon. I may or may not be totally and completely obsessed with Groupon, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway. One day I was perusing Groupon, as I do every single day of my life, and I came across this amazing throw blanket displaying the SF Giants as the 2012 World Series Champions. Now, you probably don't know this, but Neverending Boyfriend is a HUGE Giants fan. Like, he loves the Giants like I love pink. I'm not kidding. He was at the World Series and I knew he'd appreciate it, so....I bought it. No big deal. I'd do it for any friend, right? NO BIG DEAL.   
Now, this part is important (I don't know why, it just is). You see, I'd just like to point out that I didn't go looking for a present to get him, I just accidentally found something he'd like when I just happened to be on Groupon. See, there's a difference, right? It's not like I was looking, it was just there. Which, thereby negates it being a gift. See, we're all in agreement, right? Good.
So, I bought the throw, it arrived, and I shipped it off to Neverending Boyfriend using one of those "Help Yourself" machines at the Post Office. Here's where I screwed up: I was re-using one of my Groupon boxes (did I mention I have a serious Groupon addiction?) and was removing all the stickers and tags on it to re-use. Because of this, there was too much tape and nowhere to put my return address. Since I used one of their pre-printed mailing labels, I thought this was sufficient. Yes, in retrospect, it was foolish, but whatever. The problem? I put the wrong zip code. I should have put 94133, but I put 94107. Here's what needs to be pointed out though: BOTH of these zip codes are for San Francisco, so I didn't really think my mis-step was that damaging. Boy, was I wrong. When he didn't get it after a week (it was supposed to arrive in two days), I went to the Post Office, where I was informed that my box had left San Francisco and was most likely now on its way to Dead Mail. Um, what?  
I mean, couldn't they just look up the "real" zip code and see where it needed to go? Hello, they have that service on THEIR website! What was the big deal? Anyway, I've been stressed to no end about this all week, thinking it was lost forever, but last night Neverending Boyfriend sent me a text with this picture of the blanket in his living room with a text that said, "I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for that and the cards." HOORAY!! What a relief! Seriously, I was SO happy he got it! I was starting to think I'd have to go to the Dead Mail Center in Georgia and search through piles of mail (don't think I wouldn't).
He also sent me a picture of his refrigerator with my card and calendar on it. Yes, I know, I'm pretty sure it means we're madly in love. Don't judge.

Pinky's Fandance - Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. is hysterical. I think his stand-up is so ridiculously funny and everything he does it gold.
I was so happy to meet him at the Emmy awards last year, even if he was in a hurry and told me to make it quick. Whatever. Still love ya, Louis.

It's a Miracle!

It's no secret around these parts that I have terrible, horrible, no good, rotten feet. I don't know what I did to piss off the Feet Gods in another life, but suffice it to say that my feet are horrid. I cannot go without wearing socks, which is a tragedy because I hate wearing shoes (and especially socks) and would like nothing more than to be barefoot all the time.
In case you're wondering, yes, I've tried everything. I've soaked them, scrubbed them, peeled them, and slathered more lotion on them than anyone should ever have on their feet.
Lately, the only thing I can do to keep them in somewhat decent condition (read: they're still terrible, but at least I can usually walk by doing this) is to wear these gel moisture socks all the time when I'm home. I wear them so much they're practically morphed to my feet.
I just tried this Bag Balm and I think it was a mis-step because my feet got sores, didn't heal, and cracked everywhere. Stupid Bag Balm. I hate you.
To combat this, I found this new cool thing - Miracle Heel Stick. I liked the idea of it being applied like a deoderant so that I wasn't constantly rubbing lotion off my hands and getting it all over the place. And in less than a week, I'm happy to report that I can, once again, walk without too much incident. The cracks are subsiding.
Please note these are NOT my feet and I apologize for the visual, but I wanted you to see my shame. Mine are actually worse, but that's neither here nor there. Stupid feet. Sometimes I wish I could cut them off, but then I'd be a peg leg. That's probably worse, right? :)