Sunday, August 31, 2008

Zoey Chocolate Face

Last weekend when my brother's family came to visit, we went out for ice cream and got the cutest picture of Zoey. When I was in Park City, McFamily convinced me to try to recreate the picture myself, so we've got back to back pics - Zoey Chocolate Face and Auntie Chocolate Face. Enjoy the cuteness (her picture, NOT mine).

Policitally Ignorant

My mind is full of a bunch of random, trivial information. For example, if you'd like me to name any of the past winners and runners up from "The Bachelor," I'm your girl. If you were wondering the name of some celebrity's child (or even their bastard, hidden child), I can probably name it in two seconds flat. If you were wondering the history of "Days of our Lives" and who's married to who, call the Pink. However, if you'd like to engage in any sort of intelligent political discussion, keep on walking.
I've never been into politics and I don't plan to start now. Everyone seems all fired up about the election and that's fantastic, but it's still not going to get me to dust off the old library card and start researching the issues. I just don't care that much. No, it's not apathy, per se, I just have lots of other things I'd rather spend my time thinking about. Much like my anti-Olympic stand, I fear I'm going to be called anti-American, but there it is.

Back in the SLC

Luckily, I seem to have made it home before the storm really hit - just as I pulled up to my street I saw the wind flying everything around. My trip was a lot of fun and I'm so happy I was able to see my brother's place and be there for Zoey's birthday. What a great day. It's also nice to be back and have a whole day to regroup and clean my apartment - I'm going to feel so much better once everything gets organized and settled. Of course, up first - a long, long night's sleep. :)

Top Seven Postsecrets of the Day

I just wanted to point out that recently there have been an influx of Facebook referenced someecards, Founds, and Postsecrets. Coincidence? I think not. My theory is that the entire world is in a Facebook-induced frenzy. See, it's not just me!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Zoey-rific Birthday Cake

Check out the super cute birthday cake my sister-in-law made for Zoey's pool party. Don't you love the bikini-wearing teddy grahams lounging by the pool??

Colorado flowers

My brother has these flowers in their backyard. Beautiful!

28 Reasons to Scratch My Head

Um, 28 just texted and called. Really? The second I leave town? Wow, that's impressive. I suppose I should just start counting down to Biter's call tomorrow as well, since his lowjack on me should be emitting a pink signal indicating I've flown the coop.

UPDATE: Not only did Biter call yesterday, but I got an email from Stalker and a text from Flaker. Wow. That was quite a communicative weekend!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Safe and Sound

I finally made it to Delta after a brief detour filled with a plethora of swearing (read: I got lost). It was a long day and an even longer drive. I'm wiped out. Sorry for the obscure and puzzling Walkers reference earlier - no, Crusty, it has nothing to do with my ex-husband (and I'm sorry for being anti-tag, but if I did one I'd have to do them all and that would get old very quickly - I'm just trying to keep my loyal readers in mind). Perhaps one day I'll elaborate on its meaning, but for now just know that I'm haunted by all things Walker related.

Off to bed, as I fear the kids will be up five minutes after I fall asleep (or at least it'll feel that way). Sweet dreams one and all.


Why, oh why, am I so haunted??? Freaking Walker.

This Made Me Laugh Out Loud

We're having these "Color Wars" at work today where you're supposed to wear your favorite team's colors, so of course everyone seems to be wearing blue (for BYU) and red (for the U of U). Someone (obviously a U of U fan) sent this out to everyone and I couldn't help but share.

Finds of the Day

From and, the following treasures:
Can I just tell you how much I love that someone used Facebook as a way to break-up with someone? I don't know why I think that's funny, perhaps it's the Facebook-induced coma I'm in?Poor little flasher girl....Do you think they mean Ross from Friends?Worse than a Facebook break-up? Um, a post-it note. Yikes.I think someone isn't a big fan of Denise....

Lessons Learned

My favorite scripture (and kind of my outlook on life, if you will) is: "To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven." There have been so many times when things have happened in my life that I didn't understand, only to find out later that it all made sense. But it's hard to see that when you're right in the middle of a trauma or heartache and really upset. Almost a year ago I was completely beside myself about Triangle - at that point, I couldn't imagine ever being as broken up as I was then (funny how your memory works, huh?). I actually had to call up my family and old friends and ask them when I'd had a worse break-up because I couldn't remember. My mind had gone blank of every previous heartache and all I could see was my current broken heart. Everyone assured me there'd been worse AND my heart would heal. Sadly, I was so in the depths of despair that I didn't believe them. No one could convince me I would ever recover and move on.
It's interesting to me to be sitting here almost a year later and have Triangle not really affect me. Oh, sure, I was upset when he got engaged, but I recently looked at his engagement pictures (on Facebook, of course - where else?) and they didn't bother me. At all. He looked happy, they seemed well suited for each other, and somehow my heart let him go. Just like that. Now, considering I never get over anyone (what?!!? I'm completely shocked by that!), this was huge. And, I can look back and see what being with him taught me, what I was meant to learn from our brief relationship, and be grateful for our time together. Yes, that's right, I said grateful. Not bitter. Not enraged. Not confused. Grateful and happy.
So, I'm trying to apply the same logic (who, me? Logical?) to my other relationships - new, old, or ongoing. What was I meant to learn? How can we best help each other? This way, perhaps I can realize that every person I meet isn't my TLF and meant to be with forever. Perhaps my little heart will stop hoarding people, places, and memories and give me a moment of peace? I'm not sure, but I'd like to think it's possible. If it could happen with Triangle, it can happen with anyone, right?

When Work Gets Slow....

It's a veritable ghost town in here today as everyone has already left town for the Labor Day holiday. I'm actually heading out of town myself to Delta, Colorado for my niece Zoey's third birthday party. It should be fun. I've never really been to Colorado before (let alone the metropolis of Delta), so I'm excited to check it out and spend time with the family. I actually had a hankering this morning for camping (which is very, very odd) and kind of wished I was heading out on a camping trip. What has happened to me? Have I been captured by the Body Snatchers? In the past, I considered camping to be slow room service at the Hilton, not actually sleeping on the ground with snakes. Perhaps I am "Outdoors Girl" deep down inside?

Inspirational Thought of the Day

On the road to happiness, stop and be happy
(wow, sounds so simple, doesn't it?). I took this picture the other day - I loved how the clouds took on a pinkish hue in the middle of the day.

McP and the Pink (Eye, that is)

This might come as a surprise to most of you, but there's actually something pink in the world that I hate getting: the dreaded pink eye. Blurgh. No fun at all! Poor little McP got pink eye at daycare yesterday and so our Cindy Ree's dinner got postponed while we took her to the doctor (McH was working, so me, McB, McP, and, of course, the Red Shirt went). I love this picture of McP because it looks like she's saying, "What's all the fuss about? It's just a little pink eye. Sheesh!" The doctor put a sticker on a stick and it was the greatest thing ever - you'd think it was the most expensive toy on the block (well, it kind of was - $20 co-pay for a stick? Guess she got something out of it). :) While we were at Wal-mart, we found an eye patch for $1.96 and decided it would be hysterical to just randomly wear it around. Imagine all the possibilities for pictures. :) McH came to meet us for dinner and we all modeled the lovely eye patch - ahoy, matey, we're just a bunch of McPirates in Cindy Ree's (it seems as though those things wouldn't go together and yet they provided everlasting amusement). There's actually another smiley picture of McH, but once I downloaded them, this looked more appropriate (hopefully she doesn't totally hate it).

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Facebook, Facebook, How I Love You So

In the past week (or should I say Facebook Obsessed Week?), I've found my big, huge crush from sixth grade (that I met at Science Camp and he moved away shortly thereafter) who I had on a keychain which said, "I heart and then his picture" (how cool was I?), a friend from kindergarten, my good friend from Junior High who moved away in eighth grade, and every other person I've ever met or known. OK, that last part was a *slight* exaggeration, but you get my point. I've even converted some new FB followers!!! :) My mission to convert the world is almost complete. :)

Of course, when people ask me what the big deal is, or why I love it so much more than myspace (or anything, for that matter), I can't really put it into words. How do you describe true love?

Bretty & Jimmy - you're up next! :)

An Open Letter to Jessica Simpson

Dear Jessica (or can I just call you Idiot?),
Today I opened my People magazine and saw your picture on the cover next to the words, "How I Found Love Again." You go on to declare that: "Tony Romo is the love of my life." Are you kidding me? Have you learned nothing from The Newlyweds debacle? Why must you curse yourself so? While I generally dislike everything about you and hate the fact that I'm even referencing you on my blog today, I felt strongly about asking you just what the hell is going through that overly processed, bleached blonde head of yours? Have you no shame? Why pimp out yet another relationship? You know that just jinxes it. You know you're going to end up alone and living with your perverted, way-too-involved, holier than thou father.
I had hope for you that you'd learned your lesson, or that perhaps your sister's good fortune would rub off on you, but, alas, that's not to be.
Hard times, Simpson. Hard times.
A concerned and disgusted non-fan

Once Upon a Time I Had the MJ Love

Long ago and far away, my sister and I were HUGE fans of Michael Jackson. Well, come on - at some point, weren't we all? Remember the "Thriller" days? He. Was. Huge. There was nothing greater than Michael Jackson and we showed our love with a huge poster on the wall of our shared bedroom. In fact, Paul McCartney (an actual BEATLE!!!!) and MJ filmed their vAdd Imageideo for "Say Say Say" in a town close to us and we *almost* convinced our mom to take us. That would have ruled. Still, we watched every version of the "Thriller" video, sang along to all the lyrics of every song, and thought he was cooler than sliced bread. I bring up my MJ love (which, sadly, was replaced by love for non-freaky entities long ago) only because I came across this picture on the right today. Um, are you kidding me? What alien breed captured the MJ of long ago and replaced him with this sad, tranny-looking washed up version of himself? And is he wearing a dress (or at least a skirt?). The picture on the left is a digitally enhanced photo of what he SHOULD look like (should being the operative word). Wow. MJ, you should be ashamed of yourself. You freak.

Miss Conception

Last night I watched a movie called Miss Conception. I was really excited to watch this movie (as it's been a LONG WAIT on my Netflix queue forever, which usually means it has potential) since it's about a girl in her mid-thirties who finds out she only has one egg left and has one last shot to get preggers. Obviously, due to her, ahem, heightened age, she's already baby-obsessed (hmmmmm, I can probably relate a *smidge*), so this just put her over the top. It starred Heather Graham, who's always adorable, and is set in London, which I
always love because of their accents (unfortunately, Heather Graham kept forgetting to use her British accent. It was sporatic at best). The movie was OK, but not the greatest thing I've ever seen. I'm not really sure it was worth the wait, but it was cute and entertaining enough. I know, probably not the glowing recommendation you'd expect after all that build up, but it was cutesy and had a happy ending (oops, did I give it away???).

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Mike!!!

Nine years ago today my Mom married my step-dad, Mike. I just wanted to send them out a big congratulations and wish them a very Happy Anniversary!!! :)

Look how small Spenser was - can you believe he'll be 11 in a few weeks?!?!

My brothers were both on their missions, so we had to have them be there in proxy.

Dusting Off the Old Photo Albums

I was going through some old pics last night (which seems to be a standard evening lately) and found a few gems.I got this flamingo in Tijuana. This picture makes me laugh because I was trying to make it look I was somewhere in the wild with the flamingo. I totally fooled you, right? :)Santa didn't seem to impress me, but you gotta love the overalls. Doesn't my sister look like a life-size doll?This was one night in San Diego. The guy in front is my good friend Joe (who went to that wedding with me in San Diego). I loved his long hair.