Thursday, November 27, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to today's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up. In honor of the holiday, let's check out the latest bunch of turkeys (sorry, couldn't resist). Each picture today will represent a part of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. For the turkey, we've got the look Adrien Brody is rocking. What was he thinking? The hair isn't hiding the size of his nose (or beak....tee hee hee).To accompany the turkey, I present SJP as the dress (ing). Someone went a little crazy with the scissors before she came out to play, huh? Representing the mashed potatoes, I present Mary-Kate Olsen who is, once again, showing us how to turn average, household items (in this case a bed sheet) into red carpet glamour (I use this term very loosely).Next we have Rachael Ray and Rosie O'Donnell as the stuffing. Is it just me, or does Rosie look like she's trying to cop a little feel? And finally, we have Oprah Winfrey as the pumpkin pie. Yep, that's all I'm going to say about that. Lips sealed.

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