Friday, November 14, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Friday Edition

Happy Friday! Welcome to today's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.Miley Cyrus, I realize you're trying to look all grown up by hanging around this way-too-old-for-you fella, but I'm worried that somewhere a Solid Gold Dancer is missing their costume.Now, you know I love you, Hugh Jackman. You were fab as Wolverine and made me cry in that Meg Ryan movie (which was completely illogical, but I still love). However, while I applaud the choice of the pink tie, I'm afraid you're unable to pull it off, as you do have a touch of "gayface" going on. Wowza!!! Now that's a Wonder Woman if I've ever seen one. How can she look so flawless? That magic lasso must have some sort of anti-aging properties going on. Or is it the gold bracelets? Oh my, I just love Wonder Woman.Holy crap, that's a lot of Olsens. It makes my mind spin....Olsens in person, Olsens on the book cover (that they're holding), Olsens on the wall....yikes. It must be Olsenpalooza.I generally love any picture of a celebrity taking pictures with a fan (what can I say? I'm, it means if I ever encounter them in the future, they might take one with me). :) This picture makes me smile because not only is she holding a pink camera (yes, I've got one just like it), but she kinda looks naked (and that just makes me giggle). Oh, Taylor Swift, you're so sweet, even if you can't stop talking about that stupid Jonas brother breaking up with you on a 27-second phone call. You're young, you're allowed to obsess.

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BeatlesDiva said...

I totally have forgotten about Solid Gold!? As for the Olsen it me or do they look like they're having a difficult time holding those heavy books.