Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Always Match Your Haircolor To Your Sweater

Apparently I was looking for a big change last night, because I dyed almost all my hair burgundy. Yes, the same color I've been doing underneath is now almost all over my entire head. I love it, except no one here seems to notice I've got new hair. Hello, it's a brand new color. OK, not new, but definitely different!
Surprisingly, after my blah afternoon, I had a delightful evening. I met my friend Betsey over at the Gateway and we spent hours sitting and talking - it was perfect. Plus, on the way to the mall, I passed this sign:

Now, that'll put a smile on anyone's face! I love seeing gas for $2.09 (this morning it was $2.07). Plus, it's Sarah Palin's favorite gas station (come on, I couldn't resist). After dinner I went home and colored my hair. My bath water afterwards (I went for the bath to try and make less mess from the red hair - which also didn't really work) was a scary sight. Had anyone walked in while I was in it, they would've called the suicide hotline for sure!

Oh, and more good news? While the Terrible Smell was still present when I got home, I took BeatlesDiva's advice and put out dryer sheets around my apartment - it worked!!! My Terrible Smell is now gone...I'm stoked! :) Thanks for the tip! :)

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Betty Grace said...

When I color my hair and get in the shower after, I like to pretend I'm Janet Leigh in Psycho. (all the red swirling down the drain). So many bonuses to coloring your own hair! :)