Monday, January 31, 2011

The Party's Over...

Sundance 2011 has officially ended and I'll be headed back to Cali again very soon. While there are plenty more pictures to share, I thought we'd enjoy a few final group shots today at lunch.

Everyone's smiling - Emil, Chad, Pants, and Love.

Chad and Pants at our traditional after-Sundance hang: Coachman's. Yum!

I love how this pic makes it look like me and Chad are just inviting people to sit at our table. :)

Speaking of Chad - Yep, he's still my reigning Sundance Crush. Sigh.

Blast from the Past

Once upon a time, there were these two guys from Florida who came to Sundance every year. I first met them in 2002, but saw them at each festival for several years. And then, suddenly, they disappeared.

Imagine my surprise and delight to randomly reconnect with one of my Florida boys the other night. What started as an innocent interaction with a patron at my stop turned into a reunion of sorts.

After that initial interaction, we hung out at the Closing Night party for much of the night taking silly pictures and having fun.

It's still hilarious to me that we somehow got back in touch.

So random! So fun! Only at Sundance...

Ready for her Close-Up

Also having fun in Park City? The one and only McP. I love how the light hits this photo - it completely illuminates her.

Could she look any cuter?

Oh, wait. Just add A Boy to the mix and you have instant smiles. McP sure did love her Pants.

Lunch with the Girls

My super cute friend Ang came up to Park City for lunch yesterday and brought along growing-like-a-weed Emma.

It was so much fun to sit down and chat - something that's long overdue considering we used to eat lunch together at work every day. It was so great to see her - I'm stoked she came up!

Three's Company

James Franco had an installation in the New Frontier at Sundance which featured an in-depth look into the wonder of Three's Company.

I finally made it over to see the exhibit, but my fave parts were the neon sign...

And the way they made the room look like the Ropers' apartment.

Oh, and I know we've covered it, but it warrants repeating...Larry Dallas was in the house!!! :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pics from a Fest

My friend took these pics from around the festival - specifically our shuttle stop - and I thought I'd share them with you. Enjoy.

Sylar Lives!

OK, let's just get this out there right now: Seeing Zachary Quinto (aka Sylar on Heroes) in person *may* have made me lose my shizz.

Just look at him! *SWOON* He didn't even flinch when I temporarily became mute. Go, Sylar!

New DD = Happy Day

My beloved Duran Duran posted this picture on Facebook today with the tagline: How's your weekend going?

It's going much better now that I get to see a new picture of my true love, Nick Rhodes, in black and white. Love love love him!!!

Kate Bosworth Rules

Kate Bosworth is my new hero - not only did she happily come over to pose for pics, but she refused to sign autographs for the hounds who pushed us.

At one point, she had a pen in her hand to sign someone's picture, looked right at me and asked, "Is this yours?" When I said no, she put the pen down and walked away. Way to go, Kate!! :)

He's Everywhere!!

Once again, sadly, our dear friend Jared was unable to make it out to the fest. Luckily, our friend Emil has found a way to incorporate Jared into some average every day Sundance activities.

Here's Jared eating lunch at Grub Steak.

Here's Jared riding the bus. Who knows where he'll end up next?? We miss you, Jared!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cheryl Hines - Supermodel

Cheryl Hines is hysterical - I love watching her on TV and movies. In person, she's just as nice as you'd expect, but who knew she was a supermodel??

I think she looks so cute in this picture! I just love her.

Why, Hello, Lover

Color me stoked to find these delicious pictures of my true love, Sam Trammell, online today.

Could he be any sexier??

Seriously, could he?? I think not.

Pinky's Redux - James Franco

While I realize we've gazed upon the beauty that is James Franco before, I couldn't help but properly compare my two photos.

Last year, James was my first picture of the festival. Although I was stoked to meet him, I've never really liked this picture - he's too bundled up and my hair is less-than-stellar.

This year, however, I had my chance for a picture re-do. Success! Cute hair and a big smile. James Franco is a win.

Oh, Honey, No

So, I was reading an article about the gay characters on Glee the other day wherein Chris Colfer had the audacity to call his character, Kurt, and Kurt's boyfriend, Blaine, this generation's Joanie and Chachi.

Let's get one thing clear, Chris: You are not, and will never be, Joanie or Chachi. As we all know, Joanie and Chachi started out as mere tots on Happy Days and the audience not only grew up with them, they also watched them fall in love. Aside from an affinity for singing, there is nothing about Joanie or Chachi even remotely like Kurt or Blaine. Chris should retract that comparison immediately.

All That Chaz

Chaz Bono is the subject of a documentary at Sundance and I had the opportunity to meet him/her the other day.

I found Chaz to be very cool, although I'm not sure the Michael Chiklis look is something to aspire to (it's being rumored that Chaz wants to look like Chiklis - yikes!).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Don't Think He Hates Me - Does He??

Ray Liotta appears to want to kill me, but he was actually quite nice in person.

Perhaps he was just practicing for a role?? Yeah, that's it. :)

Bachelor Love

Can I just tell you how awesome Kiptyn and Tenley were? I loved meeting them - they were the sweetest!

I also love that they've found each other after being the runners up on the show. Too cute!


As we've discussed, I've been fighting off this never-ending cold since before New Year's. While I can usually get through the day OK, by night my horrid cough rears its ugly head and I'm hating life. I was hoping it'd scram for Sundance, but no luck.

I'm stocked up on cough drops, cough syrup, and cold medicine, but there are times I'm so tired I want to cry. Freaking cold. Bail already! No one wants you here. Flee!

Pinky's Fandance Redux - Greg Kinnear

The first time I met Greg Kinnear, it was super early in the morning and the picture turned out less-than-stellar.

Now, Greg is a hot man, so it was unfortunate that my picture didn't reflect that.

Luckily, I saw him again the other day and the picture turned out a million times better. He's SO nice - I love him.


In what might be considered my most random Sundance spot, may I present the grapes from the Fruit of the Loom commercials.

The best part was that every time we saw him the rest of the week, I'd say, "What's up, grapes?"

Thomas Jane, I Love You So

I've been a huge fan of the delectable Thomas Jane since he starred in the movie Deep Blue Sea.

I've been to an event to meet him before, but it never seemed to be the right time. Happily, he was strolling down Main today with Rob Lowe and Jeremy Piven. Yum.

Sundance is for Family

My dad arrived tonight for a few days of his very first Sundance and I'm pretty sure, "It's cold.," was the first thing out of his mouth.

After watching his first film, we had dinner and planned the adventures for tomorrow. Here's hoping he finds a way to stay warm, as it's super cold outside!

Most Disappointing Celebrity

While it's true there've been quite a few nice celebs at Sundance this year (James Franco, Esai Morales, and Andie MacDowell to name a few), there've also been a slew of rude celebs who don't appreciate their fans (Tobey Douche Maguire, Paul Rudd, and Zooey Deschanel are a few that come to mind).

Now, Tobey, Paul, and Zooey have bad reps to begin with, so, while it was disappointing for them to be rude, it wasn't unexpected. What was surprising? I won't name her by name, but it rhymes with Shmera Marmiga. Who knew she wasn't nice? I gave her a pass the other day when she shot me down because there was a weird security going on and she might have been trying to work with them. Today, however, she not only turned me down and pulled a Tobey, but her stupid rep actually knocked my camera out of my hand. SO NOT COOL. Dis-like!

Piven Again

Thankfully, I was able to run into the adorable Jeremy Piven again on Main St. today and we were able to re-take our picture.

Much better, don't you think?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello, Lover

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled Sundance updates to bring you a super hot stuff picture of my beloved, Nick Rhodes.

Seriously, could he be any more adorbs? I think not.

Jeremy Piven!

After watching Jeremy Piven in everything from Reality Bites to Entourage, it was hard not to just start quoting a few of his classic lines when we met.

I was afraid he might be a bit of a jerk, but apparently he just plays one on TV. Although our picture doesn't adequately capture the moment, he was really cool about stopping to pose with fans (hear that, Tobey Douchebag Maguire? Follow Jeremy's lead). Jeremy was one of the listed stars coming to this festival I was really excited about meeting. Hooray!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coolest Celeb of the Day: Esai Morales

I remember seeing Esai Morales on La Bamba as the mean brother, but in reality Esai is as nice (and hot!) as can be.

We met him on Main St. yesterday and then when I saw him at his premiere today, he winked at me. He was so friendly and nice to fans - everything a celeb should be (are you listening, Tobey Ma-douche-guire??).

Tobey Maguire Sucks

For many, many years and in many, many ways, Tobey Maguire has been known throughout the land as a major douche. Knowing this, I was surprised to hear he'd been nice to some patrons and had taken a few pics with fans.

Thinking my luck with Tobey might've changed, I woke up early to attend his screening today and waited out back IN THE SNOW for him afterwards to see if I could get a picture. To my chagrin, he said no, because it's snowing. Um, because it's snowing??? That's no excuse! And, hello, wasn't I the one standing out in the snow? Oh, and the ONLY person asking to begin with??? Major FAIL.

Gun Hill Road

Although I've seen several fun and cute movies so far, I hadn't seen that one movie that just reached out and grabbed me. That is, until now.

Gun Hill Road is an amazing film about a family dealing with a transgender son and accepting him without judgement. Harmony Sanchez (shown above) stars as the son and knocks it out of the park. I predict huge things for this bright, young star.

Oh My Yum

Working until midnight tonight, but wanted to quickly share the gorgeous man that is Rob Lowe.

Yowsa. That man is sex on a stick. More posts when I get off work. Enjoy your night!

Morgan Spurlock Made My Day

I'm not sure if you know this, but the one and only documentary-making genius, Morgan Spurlock, and I are besties. It's true. Try not to be *too* jealous. Our friendship began in 2004 when he was at Sundance with his brilliant film Supersize Me. He was at my shuttle stop and thought someone named Pinky was too funny. He took a picture of me and put it on his website.

Flash forward to 2011 and I've seen Morgan at several festivals, we're Facebook friends, twitter buddies, always exchange hello hugs, and always take an annual photo. Like I said, besties. ;) Morgan always makes me feel like a friend and I really appreciate how perpetually cool he is. Because of this, when I saw this awesome shirt about great men having mustaches, I had to get it for him.

Tonight he sent out this phenomenal tweet - complete with a picture of him holding my shirt. Could I BE more excited?!

I'm STOKED! Seriously, Best. Surprise. Ever. Thanks, Morgan - you rule!