Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things I Love - Thursday Edition

As I've already been grumpy this week (and being tired isn't any reason to continue being so), I need to focus on positive stuff. Therefore, I present the latest Top Five Things I Love.1) Cheap Gas Wahoo! Gas was at $1.99 this morning! Isn't that amazing? Granted, I don't know why it *suddenly* dropped so much, but whatever. I'll take it. Are the airlines going to stop gauging people for their baggage now? Because they can't blame it on the fuel surcharge anymore. Jerks.2) Tattoo Barbie How great is this? Did you know there was a Tattoo Barbie doll? That's so awesome. I love how Barbie's breaking down boundaries and letting people know that tattoos are cool (well, at least that they're not from the devil). 3) Family More specifically, talking to sweet little innocent nieces and nephews on the phone. Yesterday I talked to Spenser, Phoenix, and Max to get updates on what's going on this week. Spenser has been using the email account I set-up for him. When I asked if he got my email and why he didn't write me back he said, "Oh, you can write back?" Bless his heart. Phoenix let me know about all the High School Musical loot she'd like for Christmas and made sure to tell me that Vanessa Hudgens (you know, Auntie, she's the one who plays Gabriella on High School Musical) and Zac Efron (you know, Auntie, he's the one who plays Troy on High School Musical) were dating in though her seven-year-old self was going to trump me in the celebrity trivia department. :) Nice try, though. Max told me about his BFF. I just love talking to little kids. They never cease to crack me up.4) Hello Kitty Jammies How cute are the Hello Kitty jammies? Last night I slept in the Hello Kitty PJ shirt and it was super comfy! Hooray for HK anything. :) Wow, I'm HK obsessed this week, huh? Oh, and a p.s. hooray for friends who find HK jammies and surprise me at dinner. Super fun! :) 5) The Apple Care One-Year Warranty Happy iPhone Anniversary to me! The other day I took my iPhone to the Genius Bar to be looked at it (because it was acting weird - nothing specifically wrong, just sluggish and odd) and POOF! Yet another brand new iPhone. Now, granted, this is my fourth one in a year and one *might* think it's caused by excessive usage and not the iPhone, but it doesn't matter. The Apple Care Warranty ROCKS! No questions asked, just a brand new iPhone. The shuffle I brought with me wasn't functioning either and I got a new one of those under warranty, as well. Wahoo! :)

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