Sunday, January 31, 2016

Top Five LOL Animals of the Day


I'm not sure if the picture is easy to see, but here's the takeaway - these are gummy bears. You know, a CANDY. They cost....$60. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!?!?! 
Who pays $60 for gummy bears? I mean, if I wanted to pay that much money for sugar, they better be taking me to dinner first and giving me gold. :)

Pinky's Fandance - Ron Livingston

Although I'd met Ron Livingston before, it wasn't a pleasant experience. For whatever reason, he was shooting us down left and right at Sundance several years ago. It practically turned into a game of how much we could get him to shoot us down since it happened so much. Eventually he caved and did it, but it was begrudging and not fun. I don't even think the picture is cute.
What a difference some time makes. Last night Ron happened to be at the same screening we were at and he could not have been nicer! He even laughed when I started quoting his famous Sex and the City line to him, "I can't. I'm sorry. Don't hate me." Of course, others might quote Office Space, but I loved him as Berger! So happy we had the chance for a re-do!

Strange Findings Afoot

Last week on our adventure through LA en route to the surf competition, we came across a random Farmer's Market in Santa Monica.
And when I say find, I mean just that. As noted on the building above, it was nestled in between a bunch of buildings. I'm not even sure how we spotted it.
Aside from the amazing food, the best find was this guy - he was like an Amish guy singing horrible karaoke. It was hysterical! Keith even filmed him - he loved it!

Celebrity Wrap Up - Tuesday Edition

Hello and welcome to Tuesday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
I can smell the patchouli from here.
That hairstyle looks like a world of no.
Best use of an Ace bandage I've ever seen.
She looks like a million bucks!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Top Five LOL Cats of the Day

Caution: Cutie Ahead

I just can't resist pictures of my love snuggling under the blanket I made him.
He looks so cozy and cute!

Pinky's Fandance - Maria Menounos

Considering how many times I've watched Extra film around town, it's a miracle that I don't have 100 pictures with Maria Menounos. 
But for whatever reason, I always miss her when she passes by. This time I wasn't missing out! Plus, how freaking cute was her hair? LOVE that braid!

Next Painting Adventure Scheduled

Obviously we are loving the painting classes we've been taking at Pinot's Palette because we just booked another one!
How lovely is this picture? I can't wait to make it with my love on Valentine's Day! My fave holiday!

Celebrity Wrap Up - Monday Edition

Hello and welcome to Monday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
Did she buy her dress at Pic-n-Save? Blech.
No one wants to see that belly button, Lena. Put it away.
The birds-on-a-suit look is...interesting???
Was she told to stand very still and not move or a bullet could hit her?
Is his shirt supposed to distract us from his hair? Also, how much do you think she makes for being his beard?

Friday, January 29, 2016

Top Five FAILS of the Day

Long Beach Comic Expo

Guess who's going to be a guest at the Long Beach Comic Expo next month?!?! 
This handsome guy right here! Squee!

Pinky's Fandance - Taron Egerton

Thank goodness for second chances!
After taking this first picture last night - without even knowing it was blurry - I asked for another one because I felt like my smile was silly. Which, it is. Obviously.
After seeing how blurry the picture is, I'm SO happy I took another one! Wahoo! Taron is adorable and I loved him in Kingsman: The Secret Service as well as Eddie the Eagle. Very cool guy.

See This: Eddie the Eagle

Last night I was able to catch a sneak peek of Eddie the Eagle, which is a film based on Olympic ski jumper Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards' life.
Although I'd never heard of it before, I quite enjoyed the ride. It was a fun, feel good movie that keeps you laughing, rooting for the underdog, and constantly hoping for the best. I was practically out of my chair clapping by the end.
After the film, there was a Q&A with the film's lead, Taron Egerton, who was adorable. Hugh Jackman was also supposed to be there, but cancelled at the last minute. Boo. Regardless, if you're looking for a fun film, check it out next month when it's released on February 26th.

Celebrity Wrap Up - Sunday Edition

Hello and welcome to Sunday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
This is pretty cute, right?
This is whack-a-do.
Oh, goodness, no.
Check out this adorable little old lady...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Top Five LOL Dogs of the Day


Some random meme generator was going around Facebook last week and if you didn't like what it auto-populated, you could try again. 
Some were totally ridiculous, but these ones made me laugh.
Who thinks of this stuff?!?!!