Sunday, November 30, 2008

Facebook Makes The World Go Round

Yesterday on Facebook I received a friend request from my big crush in 7th grade. Yes, I can admit my heart did a little pitter patter at just seeing his name (not that I did so much as kiss him back then....). I know I've said it before, but I love how the most random people can be connected through one single website. It's so much fun to catch up and reconnect with friends old and new and especially to see which of your friends know each other. I've got a friend from a neighboring city to my hometown who's friends with a guy I worked at Sizzler in Provo with ten years ago. Random! Now that my brothers finally caved (hooray!) it's fun to see what they're up to on a more regular basis, as even something as simple as a status update can help you feel close to someone else. If you're not on Facebook yet, so you should join! You'll be happy you did. :) And yes, I should be the walking poster child for Facebook. I know, I know.

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denedu said...

Hi. My name is Denelle, and I'm a Facebook addict. :) What can I say??? I love it! It definitely has blown Myspace out of the water. I practically have my whole graduating class on there. It's amazing. And friends from every nook and cranny keep popping up. Again...I love it!!! :)