Friday, August 31, 2018

Top Five Postsecrets of the Day

Colorado Blues

So, I'd actually taken this picture at a football scrimmage an hour away from Nikki's house to show Keith how curly my hair was in Colorado.
But now all I see is the face of someone who doesn't know she was in a for a long night. You see, my dear friend accidentally locked her keys in the car and we were stranded at the football field for far too long while being eaten alive by mosquitoes. YUCK!!!

Pinky's Fandance - Nikki Blonsky

One of the people my niece really wanted to meet at the Hollywood Show was Nikki Blonsky.
Although I didn't really have any hookups, I decided to bite the bullet and just ask if we could do a trade for the picture. She was super sweet about it! Totally made Phoenix's day!
As we were thanking her the next day, we got a selfie with her, as well. Yay!


While in Colorado, we had the best lunch at a Mongolian BBQ place. 
I LOVE Mongolian BBQ and don't have it nearly as much as I'd like! Wish we had more of these around here!

Celebrity Wrap Up - Sunday Edition

Hello and welcome to Sunday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
Is it me, or does this kinda look like it could be a wedding picture?
Love her hair!
Um....she forgot her shirt!
This hair is insane. Kinda cool, though.
Why does she never wear pants?!? It's infuriating.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Top Five LOL Dogs of the Day


Topless Date Night

It was so nice having a date night away with my man last night. Keith has been in rehearsals for his new play about 4-5 hours a day (after working a full-time day), so he's gone from 7am until around 10:30pm every day. It sucks, I hate it, and I can't wait to have my husband back!
Since he had last night off from rehearsals, we took the convertible out and went to eat at Tendergreens and then grabbed some frozen yogurt. Perfect adventure! Miss simple times with this hottie.

Pinky's Fandance - Don Gibb

Don Gibb played Ogre on Revenge of the Nerds and in person was just a sweet teddy bear!
I loved finally meeting him!

Seriously Tendergreens?!?!

One of our new fave places to eat is at Tendergreens. The food is so yummy and fresh! Last night we decided to eat there and that may have been a huge mistake as I feel I have much better luck getting my order right when I order delivery.
I mean, I asked for a little extra salad....not a steak salad! Sheesh. The service was also pretty terrible, but at least we had fun. Probably back to delivery for me.

Celebrity Wrap Up - Saturday Edition

Hello and welcome to Saturday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
They're totally messing with us now, right? I mean, really. Who dresses like this?!?!?
I like her hair.
Why is Ben smiling like a lunatic?
Are see-through shirts really still a thing?
That dress would be so much better without the extra fabric dangling.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Top Five LOL Animals of the Day

North Pole Colorado - Part Two

So, one of the main reasons I wanted to go to North Pole Colorado was to check out the ice sculpture in the middle of the park. 
I was very angry when we saw this.
But I met a Polar Bear!
Nikki did, too!
So, this is the ice sculpture in question.
Yes, the bottom is made of ice, but the top is a stupid concrete statue. FAIL.
I rode in a sled!
There were a lot of things that were closed.
Santa! I know him!
At 28 past the hour, "snow" comes out of Santa's house (which are actually bubbles). 
We met a gnome!