Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Top Five LOL Dogs of the Day

Words of Wisdom

Pinky's Fandance - Larry Miller

Back in 1994 I met Larry Miller at a Dodgers came he attended with Jerry Seinfeld. I was so excited to see them (as I never saw celebs back then), that I not only talked to them, but I ended up getting both of them to sign napkins for me. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, I went and bought a disposable camera from the souvenir stand and went back to get pictures with both. Sadly, the crappy disposable camera I'd bought somehow destroyed the pictures and when I went to develop them, the pictures were pitch black. Boo! 
Although I was super bummed, I never forgot how incredibly nice Larry Miller was to me that day and I've wanted to see him again ever since. The other night I finally had my chance! When I told Larry the story, he was so sweet. Such a great guy!

I Might Have a Problem

While cleaning out my purse earlier, I found approximately 20+ pens in the bottom of my purse. Twenty pens! Why on earth would anyone need that many pens?!?!?
Meanwhile, I can't seem to find a pen anywhere in my house. Apparently, my purse is hoarding them.

Celebrity Wrap Up - Thursday Edition

Hello and welcome to Thursday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
This guy has such an interesting look. Almost part Martian.
Somewhere out there, Pharrell is missing his hat.
Did she just get off work in the garage? Was she doing an oil change?
For the millionth time, NO.
You can tell she's new to the scene by the awkward way she's standing. Poor thing.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Top Five Postsecrets of the Day

Haunted Mansion Holiday

We were so excited to finally see the Haunted Mansion in all its holiday glory. We'd thought they just threw a few Jack Skellingtons around and called it a day - we had NO idea what a huge effort it is to turn the whole thing over! We loved it! 
 We'll definitely go back on it soon!

Pinky's Fandance - Debbie Pollack

If you've seen Sixteen Candles, then you should be well acquainted with this lovely face (and if you haven't seen it, shame on you. Go out and rectify that immediately).
Debbie Pollack played Long Duck Dong's "sexy American girlfriend" in the film and is super cool in person. I loved her!
I was thrilled to get a joint selfie with my friend Mikey, Debbie, and the always fun Liane Curtis (who played Molly's best friend in the film). Fun times!

See This: This Is Where I Leave You

My dad and I went to see this delightful film this weekend. Although it reminded me of August: Osage County as it had a similar theme (family coming together awkwardly at their father's funeral), it was a little more light-hearted with better relationships at the core.
The cast was great - specifically Jason Bateman and Adam Driver - and I found myself laughing and crying at different parts of the film. It was very well done and entertaining. If you get a chance, check it out!

Celebrity Wrap Up - Wednesday Edition

Hello and welcome to Wednesday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
I feel like Jessica deserved a whole lot better here. This dress isn't doing her any favors.
Is that dress made out of plastic?
Oh, honey. Why are you wearing a tent?
How does one walk in shoes like that?!?!
Her jumper is making me sleepy.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Top Five LOL Cats of the Day

The Haunted Mansion

How cute is my husband standing in front of The Haunted Mansion in his matching shirt? He's adorbs!
We finally got to see the holiday version of The Haunted Mansion and were totally in love with it! So awesome! Can't wait to go see it again.

Pinky's Fandance Flashback - Taran Killam

In honor of SNL kicking of its 40th season this weekend, I thought we'd take a look back at an awesome and random encounter on the day I saw Taran at a premiere.
I'd gone to the premiere to see Simon Pegg, so it was a great surprise to see Taran hanging out in the lobby. Super sweet!

The Ariel Ride

They've made some awesome improvements to the Ariel ride in California Adventure (although, truth be told, it was perfect just as it was before). Of course I love it all!
Sadly, someone took a picture with their flash right as I was taking this one. Sigh. Still, I think you get the idea. 
I love the Under the Sea room!
Ursula is sufficiently scary!
Weird lighting in this shot, but a great scene.
This finale scene is so awesome!
Love all the fireworks!
Ah, Flounder. Such a fun narrator!

Celebrity Wrap Up - Tuesday Edition

Hello and welcome to Tuesday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
The Queen herself looking dashing in pink. Well, really, who doesn't?
I can't believe Howard landed such a hot wife. On a side note, that white bow on the back of Katie's dress is really odd.
Do you think this was heavy? Did it hurt?
Was she en route to the beach?
Are we supposed to be able to see her undergarments? Because I can. And I really didn't want to.