Monday, November 17, 2008

Pictures Redux

In an effort to entertain you with my silly pictures from the past, I present the latest batch of embarrassing photos.

This was from one of my birthday parties. Here's my question: What genius got me an apron? Seriously, I was about eight. An apron? Really? Come on. My fave part of the pic? Check out my brother Paulie's face next to me. He must've wanted that apron or something.This was our cat, Kit. I think this may have been the last cat I remember not completely hating on sight. Obviously it was a long time ago.This was my "gang" in elementary school. Yes, I'm being completely serious. We were called "The Candies" and I'm not sure what we did, just that we were a gang and we were cool. Like my side pony? Seriously. Side pony? Hello, Napolean Dynamite.Here are the things to notice in this picture: the vast array of friends pictures around my mirror, the discarded number from Carl's Junior on my vanity, and the fact that I actually was curling my hair UP into some hideous mullet with big bangs. I have no idea who took this picture, but it makes me laugh.Speaking of that mullet, here it is in all its glory. Ah, yes. The Sweetheart Dance. Weren't we hot stuff? Gotta love his tie matching my metallic dress.Year after year I was subjected to the dreaded Girl's Camp. These were my girls, my posse, my crew. We always got in trouble. Like the cool shades? You know you do.This is one of my favorite pictures from my cheerleading days, with the exception of the girl standing third from the left. We didn't like her. I'd like to block out her face. Everyone else is good, though. I adore them.

What do I remember most about Prom? That I hadn't eaten in about three weeks to fit into this dress and I was certain that once I ate dinner somehow the seams would burst and I'd be left with a ruined dress. Luckily it didn't happen. We did watch Pretty in Pink in our limo on the way to the dance, though. That was awesome. Don't be jealous.Me and my sister when I was in college. Aren't we cute? This is my mother's favorite hairstyle of mine. She still wishes I had it (and mentions it every time I see her). Why hello, white hair. What on earth? This was on my birthday when we went to the Melodrama in Oceano. Why I'm squatting, I have no idea. My white hair was glorious, no?This was from the first year I lived in Salt Lake and we went to breakfast. As our friend Ginny couldn't make it, we had a clever sign that said, "Hi, Ginny!" We're so cute.

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MaryDoYaWantTo said...

Love the apron...hilarious!