Thursday, November 27, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Friday Edition (a little early)

As I'm not sure when I'll be able to blog tomorrow, I wanted to get this done a little ahead of time. Have a great day! :)At first I couldn't figure out if Reese was wearing a jacket, or if this was some sort of crazy dress, but thankfully it's a jacket. She's just as sweet as can be, huh?The look on Demi Moore's face says it all: "Look at me, I'm fabulous! Don't I look amazing? Check out my HUSBAND and how YOUNG he is!!! Are you jealous? Of course you're jealous, how could you not be? I'm hot! And in love! And amazing!"The role of the Hapless Nerd Waiting For A Cab will be played by Zach Braff. And scene.Oh my goodness, that baby is so cute, I just want to smooch her face off. I can't believe Sascha Baron Cohen (otherwise known as Borat) was capable of making such an adorable human being. Plus, her name is Olive (even cuter).Wow, Posh Spice must walk around with a metal rod shoved right up her.....well, you know. And wha'ts with her outfit? It's horrid. Did she rob a corpse from the '50s?

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And Scene. hehehe