Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello Kitty PJ's & Fun with Haircolor

I totally forgot to show off my brand new Hello Kitty PJ shirt. Isn't it so cute? I got it from Avon (and luckily my rep lets me do a payment plan, or else no Hello Kitty for me). I'm completely in love with it - in fact, I can't wait to get home tonight and snuggle up under my electric blanket wearing Hello Kitty and rocking my new burgundy hair! :)
Speaking of my new hair, I love when you get a new hairstyle/color and people don't like it. Their exclamations (of disdain) are hidden by their words. Today I've heard, "You got your hair colored." (well, duh)
"Went a little crazy with the color, huh?" (no, it was completely intentional)
"Yeah, I noticed." (well, then COMPLIMENT ME!!!). :)
As you can see, none of those were actual compliments, just statements of fact. It makes me giggle. Their hatred fuels my love of the color even more. Man, I'm a brat.

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MaryDoYaWantTo said...

Oh my goodness...I was thinking of getting you that "Hello Kitty" night-shirt...good thing I didn't!!! How was it lounging around in it?