Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Top Five LOL Animals of the Day

Happy Birthday, Owen!!!

Today is my nephew, Owen's, 9th birthday, so I wanted to be sure to send him all the happiest of birthday wishes today!
Happy birthday, O! We love you!

Pinky's Fandance - Hayley Orrantia

If you're a child of the '80s and haven't watched The Goldbergs yet, I highly recommend that you start. Immediately. We love it!
Hayley Orrantia plays Erica on the show and she's great. Was SO excited to see her show up a pre-Emmy party the other night. Total sweetheart!

Hello Kitty Shoes

OK, so technically they're not Hello Kitty shoes; they're awesome black shoes with Hello Kitty adornments. Yesterday was our ten month anniversary and Keith bought me these great shoes - thanks, babe! Love them! :)
Here's hoping the little attachments don't instantly fall off. He got some flip flop crocs - I'm so excited to introduce him to the world of walking on a cloud. :)

Celebrity Wrap Up - Friday Edition

Hello and welcome to Friday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
I think she may have escaped some sort of spa wearing the cover up. Poor thing.
Wahoo! You know I always love a reason to say "cha-cha-cha!"
Is that a real shirt? Because it barely counts.
Speaking of things that aren't he really wearing wings???
It amazes me when celebs go to Disney w/o being spotted. Would I recognized them? I'm not even sure.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Top Five LOL Dogs of the Day

Happy National Dog Day!

In honor of National Dog Day, I thought I'd reshare some of my fave pics with our special little fur child. We sure do love him!

Pinky's Fandance - David Walton

It's no secret that my love for the TV show About a Boy is deep and true. As I'd been lucky enough to previously meet both Minnie Driver and Benjamin Stockham, who also star on the show, I was DYING to meet David. When I saw his name on a list for a pre-Emmy party, I jumped at the chance to go. 
As soon as he got out of his car, I started yelling his name and he came right over. Stoked! While our encounter was great, there seems to be something amiss with his eyes, gaze, face...I can't quite put my finger on it. Don't get me wrong, I'm still thrilled about meeting him...but he's so good looking, I feel like this picture could make him look a lot better than it does. Was my camera screen messing things up???

Bendy Straws

We grabbed a bite to eat where it all began the other day (that is, where we had our first "date") and were pleased to find they offered bendy straws with their drinks.
Isn't everything better with a bendy straw? 
Here's Keith, gleefully displaying the sheer joy of drinking from a bendy straw. What a hunk!

Celebrity Wrap Up - Thursday Edition

Hello and welcome to Thursday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
Do you think she was off to be some sort of priest after this event?
I love that they're total twinsies.
"I vant to be ALONE!!!!"
Jane seems a *wee* bit excited about that photo opp.
That skirt is amazeballs.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Top Seven Postsecrets of the Day

Gifting Suite Fun

Saturday morning we headed out for a gifting suite which was set up for Emmy awards weekend. 
You never know who you might see or what fun stuff you'll end up with.
This was our haul from the suite - there were over 40 booths to go to! Loved it!
Here we are on the red carpet - super fun day!

Pinky's Fandance - Mindy Cohn

If you knew how much I LOVED The Facts of Life growing up, this picture would fill you with pure delight.
My dear friend Liz actually rode in an elevator with her the other night when we were at an event, which is the only way I knew Mindy was at the same place we were (so we could keep an eye out for her). Thanks, Liz! Such a random encounter - love it!


I wonder what makes a grumppuccino grumpy?
Do you think it makes you grumpy, or does it have the opposite effect? Inquiring minds want to know!

Celebrity Wrap Up - Wednesday Edition

Hello and welcome to Wednesday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
I actually think this looks super banging on her.
"Oh, are you snapping a picture of me? I had no idea."
Just. Sing.
Do you think she could even sit down?
Not a fan of whatever is bunched up at her navel, but otherwise it's fairly cute.