Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Top Five LOL Animals of the Day

We Loved Love!

Last night we finished bingeing the second season of Love on Netflix and, just as we were last season, we are totally and completely in love with it. ALL the puns intended. Love it!
Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust do a spectacular job as Mickey and Gus and you're simultaneously rooting for them to break up and get back together.
Sometimes they make really horrible decisions and other times they annoy the crap out of you. They just might be two of the most realistic characters on TV and sometimes that makes watching the show uncomfortable. It's also what makes it great.
As an added bonus (to me at least), David Spade was on the show this season. Squee! Already miss it and can't wait for season three.

Pinky's Fandance - Niles Fitch

Niles Fitch plays the teenage Randall on This Is Us and I was so worried I missed him at the finale premiere!
By the time he arrived, they started having people arrive in the back, so we totally missed him going in. Had we not gotten the "golden ticket" to go into the event, I would have missed him and only have five of the six kids. Thankfully, he was super cool and more than happy to pose. Score!


Celebrity Wrap Up - Friday Edition

Hello and welcome to Friday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
Wow, if you go from Zac's face to Matt's face and then back again, Matt looks less and less attractive. Next time, don't stand next to Zac, Matt.
Another Home Ec project gone wrong...
He obviously looks uncomfortable in that suit. Perhaps he should take it off. :) We won't mind.
Another '70s look from Vanessa? How rare. HA!
Ethan, we're still hoping for a smile over here!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Top Five LOL Dogs of the Day

New Headshots

Keith had some new headshots taken this weekend - this time, they were the "smiley" pics. Last time they were with the mustache and beard and he wasn't supposed to smile a lot. This was the opposite.
Until we have the actual pictures back, here's one I snapped while the camera was setting up. We did them in a park and I think some of the backgrounds turned out really neat.
While Keith did that, Sammy and I hung out in the park.
He was very playful and couldn't wait to get up on my shoulders.
Loved this shot of Daddy and Bubba.
By this time, Sammy had had enough. No more pictures for him.

Pinky's Fandance - Logan Shroyer

Logan Shroyer plays the teenage version of Kevin on This Is Us and does a great job.
I'm still so excited to have met all the kid versions of "The Big Three" from the show! :)

Little Sweetie

I loved the sweet little innocent look on Zane's face the other day.

Celebrity Wrap Up - Thursday Edition

Hello and welcome to Thursday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
I love this purple on her. Very chic.
Speaking of purple....I feel like that suede dress is an accident waiting to happen.
Who knew rock stars like to celebrate their birthdays at Disneyland?!?!
Um, lace isn't the best material for pants, my dear. Still, her lipstick is rocking.
I hate these sleeves. Also, why couldn't she be bothered to do her hair?!?!

Top Six Postsecrets of the Day

R.I.P. Dr. Pak

From second grade until probably high school (at least the middle of junior high), my best friend in the entire world was named Michelle. She lived down the street from me and we were pretty much inseparable.
Here's a picture of us in sixth grade - it was Halloween and we were way too cool to dress up. Not too cool to get candy, of course, but definitely too cool for costumes. :)
Michelle's dad passed away suddenly last week and it never even occurred to me to miss the funeral, despite the fact that we'd just been to a funeral a few days before.
I spent countless hours and nights at her house growing up, so paying respects to her father was the least we could do.
It was a lovely service and despite the unfortunate circumstances, I really enjoyed seeing Michelle's family again. These are her sisters - Margaret (Wigga), Sandy, Michelle, and Suzy. I'm so glad we were able to attend.

Pinky's Fandance - Hannah Zeile

Hannah Zeile plays the teenage version of Kate on This Is Us and does an amazing job. In fact, I was just saying to Keith how much the teenage version resembles the adult version and I was really impressed. It's not just how she looks, it's how she acts, as well.
In person she was totally awesome and super sweet. Loved getting the chance to meet her!


The other day we were driving by a store that was called some sort of fox and I made sure to get Keith's face in the same shot as the store sign in honor of his being the voice of the young fox, Tod, in The Fox and the Hound.
Pretty cool shot, right? :)
This one I liked because it looks like he's driving on water (which we were, on the pier). Scary driving on the pier like that! Felt like it would fall at any moment.

Celebrity Wrap Up - Wednesday Edition

Hello and welcome to Wednesday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
Kudos to Jessica for still being one of the nicest celebs out there. She rocks!
Um....did he cut his hair in the dark? Holy heck that's horrible.
Nothing creepy about this at all...oh, wait. I lied. All the creepiness is with that doll. Ugh.
I love her hair. It's too bad her dress is about to fall off.
Please note that the lady on the left is Glenn Close. Yes. It is. GAH.