Sunday, May 29, 2016

Top Five LOL Cats of the Day

Robert Smith is Everything

Last week, sitting in the beautiful theater and listening the melodic and gorgeous voice of Robert Smith play all my favorite songs, I became entranced with watching him sing. I was mesmerized. The longer I watched, more memories flooded my mind about just how important his music has always been to me. Ever since my cousin Netty turned me onto The Cure in 1989, it has been my all-time favorite band. Yes, even more so than Duran Duran. 
Not only has Robert Smith's music provided the soundtrack of my life, but his voice is oratory Prozac to me. Nothing on earth calms me down as much as hearing him sing. I can't explain it, but it's hypnotic to me. It's everything. It instantly calms me down in a way that nothing else can. Oh, and just in case I needed more proof of my love for The Cure, I sang, "Lovesong," to Keith on our wedding day. I love Robert Smith. I love his music. I'm so grateful for his gift and his songs and the incredible gift he's given to his fans of his work. If I ever met him, I doubt there's anything I could possibly say to him that he hasn't heard a million times. I mean, I don't really feel like I have anything remarkable or unusual to say about how much he means to me. But, I would love to have that chance all the same. I'd probably cry. Who am I kidding? I'd definitely cry. Like a baby. But, maybe, just maybe, he'd hold me like a doll....

Pinky's Fandance - Donny Most

Anytime I get a chance to see anyone from Happy Days, I'm going to take it. How could I pass that up?
I loved that show! And I especially loved Ralph Malph. Such a great guy. Love him!

Fangirl Rant

So, I've got a fangirl rant brewing inside me and it needs to get out. If you're not interested in this kind of thing, please look away. 
Recently we attended a few events where the main stars of the shows declined taking a picture with me. One did for no reason whatsoever (and then went and posed with someone else right away) and the other looked like a deer in the headlights when I asked her for a picture and then checked with her handler to see if she could do it.
First of all, make up your own mind. Don't just pretend someone else is calling the shots. I know you don't want to do the pictures and that's fine. Just say no. Don't make up excuses or say there's no time. There's time.
Plus, I hate that excuse. Taking a picture with someone who knows what they're doing takes less time than doing an autograph and both these stars were fine doing plenty of those. I don't really have a need for an autograph - I prefer a picture. Why is that hard? One of these people (sorry I don't feel like naming names) just took pictures with fans at an event that wasn't hers last week; but then, at her show's event, she doesn't? How does that make sense? Shouldn't it be the opposite? Plus, I've never seen anyone just blatantly not take at least one picture with someone at an event like that. Heck. Sir Anthony Hopkins took about thirty. John Travolta took over a hundred. But this "star" couldn't take ONE? Really? She's bigger than both of those names? Come on. She even tried the, "If I take one with you, I have to do everyone. " excuse. NO YOU DON'T. Not everyone is getting an autograph, so why would that same thing apply to a picture? We're grown ups. We understand not everyone gets everything. But not to do any? Sorry, but that's not OK. It's not that I feel like I'm entitled or better than or that anyone owes me anything, because they don't. Just the way it all went down made me feel icky. Boo.

Celebrity Wrap Up - Tuesday Edition

Hello and welcome to Tuesday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
I love how dandy Andy dresses up just to walk his dog.
This was her tribute to someone and Prince. I understand the Prince part, but.....
Hey! That's my hair color!
Give it up, Madge. It's starting to be sad.
Speaking of sad, was she trying to channel Sandy at the end of Grease?

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Top Five FAILS of the Day

Happy Birthday, Jayman!

My youngest brother, Jay, is celebrating his 37th birthday today! 
We hope this is your best one yet! We love you!

Pinky's Fandance - Miranda Otto

Miranda Otto is fantastic on Homeland and, unlike a certain co-star, is very fan friendly. So, points to her (and boo to her co-star).
She was very sweet to come over and pose for fans. I really appreciate it.

Stop The Music

My new cubicle neighbor enjoys music typically on elevators. Which is fine. For him. But, he doesn't seem to understand that other people can also hear his horrible music.

While it's true he's turned it down, I don't need it turned down. I need it turned off.
At the very least, he should be listening to it on headphones. Because if he doesn't, then I have to listen to music on my headphones to drown it out, and I'd rather be available to anyone yelling out for me (which happens far more often than you'd think). 
Perhaps if I just left these anonymously on his desk he'd get the hint?
Why would anyone be so rude on purpose? Ugh. Hate him.

Celebrity Wrap Up - Monday Edition

Hello and welcome to Monday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
I love how normal they seem to be. Just chillin' and running errands.
Why does he elude me so?
I still love how much Leo rides all over town in NYC. I wonder why he doesn't buy his own bike?
Ah, Mariah. Always so demure and tasteful (ha!). 
Is she working part-time as a beer maid? Milk maid? Leprechaun?