Monday, November 24, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Monday Edition

Good morning and welcome to today's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.Once again, we see Pink not living up to her name. She should be ashamed of herself. Why market yourself on such a glorious color if you're not going to commit? And why does her hair look grey? Was that intentional?Salma Hayek is a beautiful woman. That being said, why does always put her, um, assets on display? Can't she reign those puppies in for one night?If we could read Nicole Kidman's mind during these photo ops for her latest movie Australia, it might sound something like this, "Oh, Hugh. Look at us! We're glorious! Do you like how my dress matches my pasty white skin? It's so nice to be able to wear heels and not be made to feel ashamed of my height. You know, my ex-husband, cough cough, could never get over my height. What's he doing now? Oh, that's right, NOTHING. Fiddle-dee-dee. Look at me. Standing next to the Sexiest Man Alive. Take that, TC."Now, on principle alone, I really try not to post anything regarding anyone with the last name of Hilton. That being said, Nicky Hilton is the lesser of two evils. However, does being named Hilton mean you get some pass from wearing a bra in public? I mean, I realize there's not much to work with there, but you could at least make the attempt at a sports bra at least.The look on Kate Beckinsale's face seems to say it all. Who is this person towering over me? Should I know her? Is she famous? Just take this picture and let me get back to my grunge family. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is thinking she looks quite grown up with her hair in that bun and perhaps her new look will distract the American public from remembering her break-up from that dumb Jonas brother. Oops, guess it didn't work. I still remember.

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