Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Celebrity Wrap Up, Wednesday Edition

Hello and welcome to today's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.Jessica, oh Jessica. I know it's hard being the less famous sister, watching your ex-husband still canoodling with his Rebound Girl, and having your younger sister about to birth her first child any second, but that's no reason to try to bring back Parachute Pants from the '80s. I mean, seriously. What are those? And your hair....oh, you poor thing. Pull it together, Jess.Apparently Brandy has decided to put herself back in the public eye AT ANY COST by drastically slashing a perfectly good pair of $900 jeans with some craft scissors. Sweetie, put the scissors down, put out a CD or do another show, and never, ever wear those jeans again. Oh no, it's worse than I thought. Now Miley Cyrus is taking fashion cues from Jessica Simpson. Why are you tucking those hideous pants into your boots? And I'm not buying that innocent stance for one second. We all know you're no Hannah Montana. While I applaud Minnie Driver for looking so fab two months after giving birth, and I love the hem of that dress, she seems to be missing the bottom half of said dress. Or is it a shirt? I can't tell.I never noticed how itty bitty teeny weeny Reese Witherspoon was. Jake Gyllenhaal could just put her in his pocket and walk around. At least he's covering up his skeevy hair with that hat. Thank goodness.

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