Saturday, March 31, 2018

Top Five LOL Animals of the Day

Oh, To Be A Dog

I was so impressed with the deep sleep Sammy was experiencing that I had to snap a picture of it. Oh, to be a dog and have this life....
I mean, I don't even remember the last time I had such lovely sleep.
I made the mistake of getting up to get a closer view, which disturbed his Highness.
No matter, he just went right back to sleep.

Pinky's Fandance - Kate Bosworth

It was a pleasure meeting Kate Bosworth after a screening of The Long Road Home the other night.
I've had the opportunity to meet her on several occasions and she's always very kind. We appreciate it! Keith didn't even know it was her with the darker hair!

Funniest Note Ever

I know this is hard to read, but I almost did a spit-take when I first read it.
Apparently, someone thought this note could get them out of work. It reads: No work for Josh at all. Doctor." HA!!!

Celebrity Wrap Up - Monday Edition

Hello and welcome to Monday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
I had that exact dress in high school, only it was in teal. Weird.
Is she trying to look like a lamp? Because she's nailing it.
I love this prom pose!
The background makes it look like she's got wings.
Um....did someone forget their pants???

Friday, March 30, 2018

Top Five LOL Cats of the Day

Nick Rhodes Flashback for the WIN

Several years ago I had the best week ever when I got to give Nick Rhodes a care package, have him sign my leg (which I didn't realize was only his first name) and then my sister and I were able to attend a Duran Duran concert together. Considering how much we've always love the band, this was a big deal.
Here's Nick closing his eyes and dreaming of the day we can run away together. What's that? You're thinking he just fell asleep?
Here Nick is holding the gift bag I gave him while reaching out for a pen to sign our previous photo op.
 Me and my sister at the Duran Duran concert. They're right behind us!
Almost five years after that momentous week, I had another chance to see Nick and he finished the signature, signed a few other goodies, and took another picture with me. Best. Day. Ever.

Pinky's Fandance - Iain Armitage

Iain Armitage is adorable. We loved him as Ziggy in Big Little Lies and he's perfectly cast as Sheldon in Young Sheldon.
We actually saw him at the Emmy awards, but I doubted Keith's spot. I was wrong. A boy walked right by us and Keith said it was the kid from Big Little Lies, but I said he was wrong because that boy had blonde hair and this one had brown. I had no idea he'd dyed his hair for his new role. FAIL. So thankful I had another shot at meeting him! What a sweetheart.

Be Kind

I love this so much. Lately the world feels so negative and harsh. It's nice to be reminded of what's truly important.

Celebrity Wrap Up - Sunday Edition

Hello and welcome to Sunday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
As both men played the lead character in Doctor Who at different times, I really hope they greeted each other with, "Oh, hello, Doctor."
Why is Buffy so serious??
I hope that Wesley asked Hulk Hogan for the picture and Hulk replied with, "As you wish...."
I didn't realize she was into farming.
Is Bradley growing a 'fro??

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Top Seven Postsecrets of the Day

Silicon Valley Comic Con - Next Week!

Just a reminder that Keith will be a guest at Silicon Valley Comic Con next weekend, April 6th-8th in San Jose, CA.
If you're in the area, please stop by and say hi!

Pinky's Fandance - Alison Brie

I've been fortunate to meet Alison Brie several times over the years, but this was the first time since she started working GLOW.
She does such amazing work on the show, I'm so thrilled for her to have this opportunity to shine like she does. Great job! Also, still fan friendly, so WIN.

This Made Me Chuckle

Celebrity Wrap Up - Saturday Edition

Hello and welcome to Saturday's edition of Celebrity Wrap Up.
What are the chances he even owns a comb?
This is a wretched look. I hate every single part of it.
Anyone wearing all white feels very brave to me.
I will never tire of seeing celebs taking selfies with fans. It warms my heart.
Emma's hair is actually quite cool. Totally different look for her, but I don't hate it.