Sunday, January 31, 2010

Favorite Picture of the Day

How cute is Jason Ritter? I TLF him. Getting the boys down the hill today; wrapping everything up. Will update with more pics later.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

One More Official Day To Go

I'm fairly certain I've never been this tired in my entire life. Yesterday I crashed most of the day and even slept in, yet I'm still dragging today. It probably doesn't help that I've lost my voice and have a cough that would scare children. Most celebs have left town, but I was able to get a few more pictures.
David Hyde Pierce was super nice and cool.Emma Roberts is going to get me some street cred with the nieces and nephews who loved Hotel for Dogs. Score! :) Off to bed.....goodnight!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Wall: 1, Pinky: 0

I've hit the proverbial wall and came home after my shift to try and sleep. I'm so tired I fear I'll fall asleep standing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Romantic Wednesday

At the premiere of The Romantics this morning, I got some really awesome pictures. Even better? The movie was great. Elijah Wood (Frodo!). Could he be any cuter?
That's right - I'm posing with the wife of my nemesis, the evil TC. I'm so shocked Katie Holmes took pictures today. She must've known I awarded her Douche of the Day this week. Nice to see she's paying attention (even though she still hasn't escaped....Hey, I tried to steal her away. No go.).
Adam Brody was perfect on The O.C. as Seth Cohen and I've always wanted to meet him. He is so nice and sweet! This girl behind me drove for 14 hours to meet him and was having a panic attack when they met (I can't relate to that AT ALL - ha!). Fergie Ferg from the Black Eyed Peas! Too bad I've had the song "Fergalicious" in my head all day long. I triple love her.
Josh Duhamel, why do you have to be so fine? Have you ever had a bad hair day? Yum.

Mid-Week Award Winners

It was a really good day up at the Festival (aside from some stupid volunteer drama....whatever....). I got some of the coolest pictures! I'll post those after this, but for now let's get to our daily awards.Congratulations to Aaron Johnson for winning Hottest Newcomer with a British Accent. He played a young John Lennon in Nowhere Boy and he is a tasty little treat.I'm very sad to report that today's Douche of the Day award goes to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is now so cool that he no longer takes pictures with people. His excuse? Because he's "working." Hey, Joe, we know you're working. It's called breathing and mixing with your fans (the ones who pay to see you perform). Why do you have to be 500 Days of Douche right now? FAIL. Heidi took this super cute picture of Diego Luna with the adorable little boys from his movie last night. Cutest. Photo. Ever.
So, as a bit of "insurance" that my picture with Bradley Cooper turned out, Heidi took one with her camera right before I took mine. I like how I look like I'm thanking the heavens for putting Bradley Cooper in my path. Does Bradley Cooper ever look bad? I'm going to have to award him with the Dreams Come True award because, really, he's a little slice of heaven.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Interrupt This Sundance.....

Stupid snow. Why does it have to stay? Due to this annoying weather, today's normal Main Street activity was decidedly less than normal. While it's true that the Festival slows down the second week (especially starting on Tuesday), the snow really hurt today. I didn't attend any screenings and wasn't very successful on Main, alas, my pictures are few and far between today. Still, the awards must go on... Congratulations to Joan Rivers to being the Coolest Find of the Day. Regardless of what you think of her, she really is an icon and it was really great to see her in person. She's really short! Today's Douche of the Day goes out to Tracy Chapman who refuses to take pictures with fans and, in fact, told someone (not me, I won't even ask after all the bad stuff I've heard) not just no, but hell no. Um, WHAT?!!? When exactly did she have a hit? Oh, that's right...a million years ago. Douche. Finally, Shiloh Fernandez wins the yummy newcomer award. He's currently starring in the film Skateland (and most likely my dreams tonight) and I look forward to seeing what he'll do next. As for me, I'm beat down and going to bed. Goodnight.

Manic Monday

Today was a low-key day. I'd planned to head up the mountain early, but was unable to wake up (thanks to my fairly serious sleep deprivation). Seriously, it felt like I'd slept for one minute. I did do the radio spot at 7:15 (and I really have no idea if they want more updates.....I guess I'll know more tomorrow), but then went back to bed until my 12:30 shift. After I got off, I met Heidi over at Eccles and we saw Diego Luna's movie. And now, without further adieu, I present today's top pictures (significantly less than normal based on the schedule):Top Adorable Moment: Diego Luna bringing the super cute boys from his film up onstage and then holding them up and hugging them - it was the sweetest thing ever. Douchebag of the Day is presented to Katie Holmes (who was wearing this exact same hat and scarf at her premiere) - being the daily douche entitles her to have the worst picture of her I could find posted. Not only did she not stop for autographs/pictures on the way into the theater, but she didn't do any on the way out either. Yes, that's right, she left the FOUR people waiting outside in 10 degree weather hanging - didn't even acknowledge we were there. Now, why is it OK for TC to do pictures for hours, but his slave wife can't do one?
Biggest Relief: Kevin Kline being nice made my whole night. If he wasn't, I would've been totally heartbroken.
The Why Not Award: I've already got a picture with Paul Dano from years ago, but he was right there. I had to get another one, right?

An Open Letter to Jonah Hill

Dear Jonah, Seriously, dude, WTF?!?!!? For the past three days I've tried earnestly to get a good (although I'd accept decent) picture with you and each time the picture ends in tragedy. I don't understand; it really shouldn't be this hard. I've got hundreds of pictures with much bigger and smaller stars and they're all able to look fairly decent (with the exception of Ben Affleck who was somehow afflicted with wacky face at the time the picture was taken). Let's review, shall we? Attempt #1: I realize you had to rush out after your screening, but really? You couldn't have just gotten closer to me and resisted the urge to have lazy eye? FAIL. Attempt #2: All you had to do was look up and this would have been fine. Why do you have to be such a douche? You're so funny on the seems like you should be jollier in real life. FAIL.
Attempt #3: If you'll recall, I explained to you that our last two pictures were tragedies. This should've encouraged you to TRY to look like you give a crap. You don't have to smile. You don't have to do anything except keep your stupid eyes open. WTF??! FAIL. Oh, and by the way, it's not my camera's fault like you said. Apparently you're just unable to look good.
Try not to go out into public and take pictures if you're going to look like that, OK? Thankyouverymuch.
Pinky Lovejoy

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Envelope Please....

Today's award for Most Random Celebrity to Pose With goes out to Lil Jon. Really, Jon? A grill? O-K!Congratulations to Marisa Tomei for repeatedly showing us why she's a terrible, horrible, no good person. She's awful and is today's Douchebag of the Day and will most likely retain the honor for the rest of her life..
Apparently, the Universe does not want me to get a normal picture taken with Jonah Hill. Once again, FAIL.

Sunny Sunday

Today was a really fun, crazy, exciting day filled with mischief, misadventures, and lots of laughing. Hiba, Heidi, and I met the funniest guy who ended up showing us his mad celeb-picture-getting skills. Yeah, he makes us look like amateurs (but I'll expand upon that at a later time). Here are the Top Five pics of the day. Ryan Gosling is tied for Nicest Celebrity of the Day with Dax Shepherd. He posed with everyone who asked and stayed outside forever to accomodate all his fans. Ryan is just as nice as he is beautiful.Justin Bartha (from National Treasure, The Hangover, and Failure to Launch) originally tried to "Kelly Clarkson" us (i.e. ignore us and pretend we didn't exist), but luckily we ran into him a little later and he took pictures after all.Adrien Brody is worth waiting two hours in the freezing cold for. Adrien Brody people! Dax Shepherd won HUGE points today for not only posing for pictures (as we saw him yesterday and he said he was too busy), but also ignoring the autograph hounds. SCORE!
Tilda Swinton was very quiet and kind. What an incredible actress.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

And The Awards Go To.....

What was the greatest surprise, biggest thrill, and most amazing thing to happen today? Why hello there, Bradley Cooper (!!!!!). Couldn't stay away, could you? He also wins the prize for Nicest Celebrity of the Day. Maybe even the Festival. I'm a *wee* bit in love with him (as though I wasn't already - ha!) Biggest failed picture of the day? Jonah Hill = FAIL. Man, this is quite possibly my WORST CELEBRITY PICTURE OF ALL TIME (not to be dramatic or anything.....).
And finally, Douchebag of the Day is awarded to Tommy Lee Jones, who hates the world and should never be let out in public. The picture above is him shunning anyone who talked to him. See how he's all alone? By the end of the day, we were so annoyed by his shitty, grumpy attitude, we started heckling him. Hey, he deserved it.

Mission Complete

With the addition of both Adrian Grenier and Mark Ruffalo, my "wish list" of celebrities to get at Sundance (with the exception of Jon Hamm who left - how rude!) is now complete. How excited am I?!?! Today was a very successful day, but it's now 4:30 in the morning and it took me almost two hours to get down the horrendous snowy canyon. Ugh. Not fun. Here are a few more pics. Stories to come later. :)Adrian Grenier had an amazing movie. Loved it. Mark Ruffalo rules. Colin HanksJosh Radnor with a head this time. Jared Leto is a little bit in love with me. Look how he's stalking me. :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snowy Sundance

It's 2:30 a.m. and I'm finally home from a very long day. Frigid, blizzard-like snowy conditions (and my car getting stuck in the snow) aside, it was a very good day. Ben Pinky Lovejoy (!!!!!). (Special note: A complete list of my pictures can be found on Facebook - in the interest of time, I'm only going to spotlight a few on the blog each day until the Festival is over). Oh, and by the way, today's douche-of-the-day award goes out to Amanda Peet. Congratulations, Amanda - you suck. FAIL.Oh, Ben, I love you so. I realize it's not the greatest picture, but hey - it's Ben!I've said it before and I'll say it again: Catherine Keener is amazing. Someday when I'm not sleep deprived and in a time crunch, I'll share the story about meeting Josh Radnor (and my inability to form complete sentences). Sometimes, I am seriously so lame. Josh actually had to say to me, "Come on, you can do it. Just say the words." Yeah, Pinky = Dork-a-saurus Rex. Josh had his premiere today and I'm completely and totally in love with the movie. Triple loved it. I just know it's going to be my fave of this year's Festival - what could top it? If you get a chance, check out happythankyoumoreplease.Chris Cooper. How cool is that?Depending on which show you recognize him from, Ron Livingston starred in the movie Office Space and also played Berger on Sex and the City (I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me.)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Off To A Good Start

So, I think my pink nerves have calmed down a *wee* bit. I'm always a bit of a wreck until I get my first picture of the year. This morning, I'm very happy to report, success was mine! :)James Franco, how YOU doin'? Yep, I think James being my first picture was a very good start. Morgan Spurlock, such a great guy. Love him. He's on the documentary jury panel this year. So cool.
The one and only Michael Moore. Gus Van Sant looks a bit crazy, but I was stoked to get him.Andie MacDowell? Heaven on earth. So nice and sweet!
Not much goes on the first day at Sundance except the Opening Night movie. In the past I've always worked at night, but then went right home. I've never gotten pics on the first day....I'm excited! I try to average five pictures a day (to keep me in line with my goal of at least fifty pictures per Festival ...), so I was thrilled to start off with five amazing people.
The bad news? Jon Hamm left already (!). I was able to see him for all of two seconds (with his adorable girlfriend Jennifer), but then he got in a car after yelling out to the waiting fans that he was sorry, but he had a plane to catch. Blast! The upside? I'd much rather have a picture with the sexy and clean-shaven version of Don Draper (oops, I mean Jon Hamm) than the Grizzly Adams version. So, one day, Jon, I'll have my picture success with you. Someday....