Saturday, November 1, 2008

Party Time, Excellent

Well, well, well, miracles never cease. Not only did I dress up this year, but I actually went out to a party in said costume. My friend Sarah (see her blog under plainoldsarah in the link list) held her annual Halloween party and I met up with Ruthie (dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood from the hood - going to see her G'ma) for a night of fun. Now, granted, we spent most of the party sitting in the backyard laughing and chatting with the random passerbys - but it was far more comfortable than being in the crowded party. Plus, we got a front row seat to all the people milling about from room to room and could have fun conversations with anyone who ventured out to our little area of the party. It was nice to get out and see friends from my old ward and all the costumes were a hoot (who knew there were so many Sarah Palin lookalikes?). Of course, I was a party pooper fairly early (as we all know I'm 100 and get worn out at 8 p.m., especially on Friday nights), but I was still happy to have gone out at all. Baby steps, right? :)


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Betty Grace said...

You were there?? I was there! Apparently that backyard spot wasn't as ideal as you thought! Sorry I missed you!