Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let's Be Friends

When I was little and entering school for the first time, I was very nervous. To combat this, my mom told me to be friends with everyone. To accomplish this, she said to walk up to everyone and say something like, "Let's be friends" or "Would you like to be friends?" or "Wanna be my friend?" (well, you get the idea). I actually remember walking up to EVERYONE I saw and saying, "Wanna be friends?" and they'd look at me like I was crazy and usually say yes (probably just to get rid of the insane little blonde girl). And then I'd walk away. I didn't have to maintain said friendships, my goal was seemingly just to get as many friends as I could. The result? In first grade, I was awarded "Friend of the Week" and this picture was taken to honor me. Like the shirt? Can you believe it actually says Let's Be Friends? It kills me.
Of course, as we all know, over the years I've held this lesson to heart and befriended people the world over. I love it, though. The other day on Facebook (oh, Facebook, how I love you so) I was "friended" (aka sent a friend request) from a guy I worked with in Italy (named Paolo - pictured here on the left). I was so stoked! It touched my heart that he'd actually seek me out and want to keep in contact (especially since I've been gone for so long). Likewise, I've gotten in contact with a plethora of people from the ward I grew up in, which has been really fun. Can you ever have too many friends? Heck, no! Bring 'em on.

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