Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Friday! Party Time, Excellent

And so we come to the end of another work week. Wahoo! Isn't it completely satisfying getting from Monday to Friday each week in one piece? Once the weekend hits, there's no worries in the world, right? :) This week has felt looooong for some reason. Yesterday I kept thinking it was Friday...alas, only Thursday. Our bowling last night was fun, except we played another sloooooow bowling team. I don't know why it makes me so crazy to wait for someone to bowl, but when they're deliberately sitting there gabbing away instead of bowling (and thereby making us the last bowling team in the league left playing - even later than the geriatric team), it makes me insane. I don't even have anywhere to be, but sitting there needlessly for longer than necessary just doesn't sit well. I know, I need to just chill, but I can't. Even my beloved crochet doesn't calm my nerves. Plus, the lady who kept causing the delays would then try to be my BFF at the lanes. Every time I'd bowl she'd say, "Great job" "Oh, you almost got it!" "Pick it up!" I wanted to look at her and say, "Why don't you cut the kiss-up chit chat and just bowl when it's your turn. K?" She's actually a really nice person, but, well, we discussed this. Her slacker bowling turns me into Ancy Nancy. Anyway, Happy Friday! :)

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