Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fun With Hats

Last night at Cindy Ree's we had some fun with hats. My exciting bear hat finally came in the mail, so I brought it for Show and Tell. Sadly, as I feared, it was too small, but I fixed the problem by crocheting the white on the bottom (see, it comes in handy to secretly be 100-years-old). Now it can be worn by a grown-up and not just a baby. I also brought in the Pinky and Pinky's Friend hats because those are just funny. Enjoy the pics! :)

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amywells said...

Ok my sister is not blogging she is just putting links to your blog on her blog so she doesn't have to. How cheap is that?! (LOL, just kidding Heidi). Great pictures of the little prinecess.