Thursday, September 3, 2009

That Is One Busy Uterus

Holy crap. By now I'm sure you've all read that the Duggars are expecting their (wait for it) 19th child!!!! Some of us can't even be blessed with one and they're populating a small country. I read an article about them today which detailed their days from morning to night. The most disturbing part about it wasn't the buddy system (where an older child takes care of their designated younger one), but the fact that they homeschool. All I can say is those have got to be some socially awkward kids. And what are the parents doing? Oh, wait. I know how babies are made. Apparently that's all they do.
In some not-exactly-related news, Lisa Loeb is pregnant. This fills me with delight for the following reasons: 1) I love Lisa Loeb (as she's a fellow Hello Kitty freak and cute as a button. Plus, I loved her reality show when she was looking for a man). 2) She's 41 and 3) She's a cougar, having married a guy who's only 31 earlier this year. Hooray for Lisa! Congrats!! She proves that there's hope after all for the rest of us who don't choose to birth a tiny planet.

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