Monday, September 28, 2009

Productive Pinky

Surprisingly, I had a very productive weekend. I finished a blanket (and got the supplies for the next one, which I've already started), watched some shows, finished my Netflix movies, flipped my mattress, went to the laundromat (ugh), cleaned my house, got the pictures I wanted, made some cards, picked up my Randy Travis tickets, found a hotel in Wendover, went to the Farmer's Market, got a temporary ATM card at the bank, went to a comedy show, went to a movie, and hung out with some friends. Phew! What a mouthful. It felt good to get a bunch of stuff accomplished as the past few months have been spent wasting time and doing not much of anything over at M's. Being busy is, it keeps me from missing anyone of note. Although, I suppose I still do (a wee, wee bit, but it hasn't even been a week - I can't expect miracles overnight, right?). When am I going to be the tough girl who doesn't give a crap and forgets people overnight? How do I learn to do that?

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