Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pinky's Fandance, Thursday Edition

It's entirely possible we covered this last year when I returned from Cinevegas, but come on. It's Jared Leto. Plus, I'm not sure we did it as a Fandance - I think it was just mentioned from my Vegas trip.First, a bit of backstory. A few years ago Jared was at Sundance to promote his film with Lindsay Lohan (a terrible, terrible film, btw). While I had tickets to see the movie, I'd just gotten off shift, it was mid-Festival, and I was exhausted. Plus, I didn't think Jared would stay and take pictures, so I left. Sadly, the next day my friend told me that he stayed after the movie forever and posed for pictures with everyone. Sigh. Fail. So, last June my dad and I went to the Playboy comedy club in Las Vegas to see Todd Glass perform. Just as the lights we were about to go down, I saw Jared sitting in the back. I was stoked! I quickly went over and got a picture with him before the show started. My dad was quite impressed with my agile skills and ability to spot random celebrities in a crowd (which, as we all know, is my God-given gift). See, the universe brought him to me after all. :) I told you it could happen.

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