Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pinky's Fandance, Thursday Edition

Long ago and far away, during my very first year at Sundance, I met David Cross at some random house party. At the time, he wasn't very big, as it was long before Arrested Development (where he played Tobias, the "never nude") and I'd never seen his stand-up comedy act. Since then, especially after being a huge fan of Arrested Development, I've wished that I'd been more on my game then and taken a picture with him.Needless to say, I was thrilled to hear he was coming to SLC for a comedy show, although I wasn't sure if I'd be going. Apparently he also did a meet and greet book signing, but I heard about it too late (curses!). I thought I'd be sleuth and be able to find him around or after the show, but the place he performed at wasn't having any of that.I ended up buying a ticket and watching the show. I did get in trouble halfway through the show for taking a picture with Todd Glass (tomorrow's Fandance feature) and they tried to confiscate my camera. I seriously almost had a heart attack at the thought of being without my camera, since I was on a mission to get a picture with David. Luckily, somehow the guy let the camera slide and after the show I snuck out this secret door and waited for David to come outside (OK, kinda stalkerish, I'll admit). When he did, he was SO nice and cool. Skippy (another photo seeker) made his way back there, as well, so we were both able to get pictures. I'm stoked I was able to find a way to meet him. He cracks me up.

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