Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pinky's Fandance - Woulda/Coulda/Shoulda Wednesday Edition

I've been a fan of Kirsten Dunst's since she was in the movie Interview With A Vampire many, many years ago and I was thrilled to hear she directed a short film at Sundance a few years ago. I figured I'd have no problem finding her and always imagined her to be super nice and sweet. Well, that was incorrect. She is neither of those things. I saw her coming down some stairs and walked up to her (mind you, it was only me and her on the stairs - no one else in sight) and asked her for a picture. She said, "Not now, maybe later." Really? Later? Is there really a time in the universe when our paths are going to cross again? Probably not. Big meanie. :(

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