Friday, September 18, 2009

Warning: Foul Language Included Below

Don't say I didn't warn you - this post might *possibly* contain foul language. Actually, it's not me, it's the card found on, so I can't really be held responsible for the potty mouth (now, I'm not saying I don't have one - as evidenced by the texting story from yesterday - but I do *try* to contain it while blogging. There could be children present for heaven's sake).So, much to my chagrin, I seem to have been bitten by the PMS Fairy - which has left behind a whole world of grump. Trust me, NO ONE should ever be around me when I'm like this. It's just not pretty. Unfortunately, poor little M had the displeasure of my emotional mess last night. I'm fairly certain he won't ever be talking to me again. I'm such an idiot when I'm like this and the worst part was that I couldn't really figure out why I was being such a jerk - yet I was powerless to control the stupid things flying out of my mouth. On the plus side, we all know I wasn't really ready to be seeing anyone anyway, so I guess I took care of that one, right? Man, I love sending men screaming from my wake. It's such a nice feeling. Evil Pinky strikes again. :(

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