Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things I Hate Thursday

I realize I posted all my Friday stuff a *wee* bit early, but apparently I still have things to say. So, welcome to Things I Hate Thursday. Thing I Hate #1: Someone who can't ever shut their pie hole. There's a girl who may or may not sit near me at work who never, ever, ever stops talking. Ever. She must talk in her sleep, in the shower, while kissing, whatever. She also has this really booming, annoying voice and I'm about to lose my hearing because I have to turn my iPod all the way up just to drown her out. Good thing I took sign language in college; I'll need it soon when I'm unable to hear.
Thing I Hate #2: Someone eating loudly while talking on the phone. I had a conference call this morning with a client who was eating rather loudly while on the call. Are you kidding me? How can this be considered even remotely professional? I hate this even when talking to friends, but on a business call? Ugh. Thing I Hate #3: Bugs. I know, I know, we already covered this earlier this week, but my apartment is still under attack. I found a whole swarm of the stupid bugs outside my building yesterday, so apparently they're coming from there. I hate them. I'm running out of bug spray trying to kill them all. I'm even smashing them with my fingers when I catch them. I'm mean.

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