Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday Night Wrap Up

Last night was a pretty chill night. I went for my walk in the park and then had dinner with my girls Hiba and Heidi at a place called The Bakery. They even taught me a new word (slore - which you can figure out for yourself. It definitely sounds better than a whut). After dinner I went to the Apple store to get a new headset as, once again, I've overused my toys and broke my earphones/microphone for my iPhone. :( They're so cool at Apple - they gave me a new one and didn't even need my receipt! Next stop: Victoria's Secret for some new fun make-up and then back home to fight more bugs. I'm so excited for the new TV season! I watched the new show Accidentally on Purpose with Jenna Elfman. You know, for a Scientologist, she's pretty funny. I'm stoked to have another fun show to watch after How I Met Your Mother. Hooray! :) Yay for Monday nights!

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