Friday, September 25, 2009

Pinky's Fandance, Saturday Edition

I first saw Danny DeVito on Main Street when I met Zach Braff. I'd stopped to get a picture with Zach and Danny walked by (apparently they were together, but Danny walked ahead into the restaurant). I was disappointed to have missed him. Luckily, I saw him a few days later at the screening of The Motorcycle Diaries (which he produced). I actually just went over to take a picture of him (not necessarily with him, because this is when I was first getting the hang of the celebrity picture thing), but he waved me over. I had to climb down the aisle while passing his entire family in order to get in between him and Rhea Perlman (his wife), but it was worth it! They were very sweet. My friend says if you blow up the picture it looks like they're laughing so hard they're crying. I don't know about that - it was just a fun picture to get.

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