Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back to Being Me

There's a song by George Strait that I love (see, I'm showing my country music love again) called, "Back to Being Me." One of the lines is: "I'm back to being me. The me I was before I was your used-to-be." While I realize I've got a LONG way to go until this is entirely true, I do feel like I'm heading in the right direction. Sitting home, doing my crafts, watching my shows, and just being alone and peaceful is something much needed in my life. It feels good (yes, I know it's only been one day, but whatever. It felt good all the same).
In other random news: I've started having an Activia yogurt for breakfast this week. I wanted to try the "Activia Challenge" and see if it works. The funny thing is that every time my stomach churns and I can feel the yogurt working its, um, cleansing magic, I hear the "Acti-vi-A" theme song in my head and I envision Jamie Lee Curtis giving me a high five (or maybe applause??). It makes me laugh.
My foot is still gimpy. Sigh. Hopefully it'll be ready for a walk tomorrow. In other bad news, I lost my ATM card for approximately the 1,546th time. I hate that. It's so annoying and painful. Oh, and the worst news of all??? Randy Travis is sold out! I'm devastated. I wrote to the concert hall begging to be put on a wait list or any sort of scrap ticket they come up with, but alas. No luck. I'm considering writing to Randy directly (I'm sure he'll get it) and making up some sob story as to why I should be able to come (or at least meet him). What do you think my chances would be to just show up and try to buy a scalped ticket, hear the concert from outside, or running into him around Wendover? Pretty good, I think. :) Heck, why not??

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