Friday, September 25, 2009

Things I Love Friday

To counteract my negativity yesterday, I thought I'd present Things I Love Friday. :) Thing I Love #1: Honesty. I received a call from a bank up north yesterday saying that someone had found my ATM card and turned it in to them. Are you kidding me? The last time I had the card I was at a gas station in Salt Lake and it must've dropped on the ground. How cool is that for them to return it and not go on a spending spree? Of course, I'd already cancelled the card, but no matter. I was pretty impressed regardless.
Thing I Love #2: Surprise text messages It makes my day to get some super cute text message from an old friend, a crush, or someone fun - especially when they call you by some adorable pet name. Yes, I know, I'm 12. Thing I Love #3: The new Fall TV season How fantastic was Grey's Anatomy last night? Or The Office? I'm so thrilled by the new shows and returning favorites so far. Plus, I'm always stoked to have something to watch while doing my crafts. When the shows are great, it makes it easier. On a side note, I was remembering last night that my love for Grey's Anatomy is deep and true. It's the ONLY show I kept up with last season during both Sundance and practically living at AFMF's and thereby missing anything I wanted to watch.

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