Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello Kitty Forever

Apparently I'm not the biggest Hello Kitty lover around (well, my obsession is kind of new, so give me time). My friend Marisol sent me a bunch of pictures of the weirdest Hello Kitty memorabilia. Let me just say...WOW. And I thought I was crazy (of course, that's still to be determined....).
This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Where do I get one??
Oooh, pretty. A Hello Kitty keyboard? Love it!
Now these are super cute. I'd totally learn how to play the guitar if I could use one of these.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present my dream house....Talk about making your car muffler super cute! But then dirty smoke would come out of it....hmmm...
For the record, I have NEVER been so turned on in my entire life. *Swoon*
A Hello Kitty rifle? Now, that's just wrong. Who could kill anyone with such cuteness?

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