Thursday, September 17, 2009

Movies + Texting = Rudeness

Today's grievance: People who text during movies. Now, we all know that I love my phone and am connected to it pretty much 24/7. However, when I go to a movie in a theater, surrounded by other people, I put my phone away. I don't pull it out halfway through and think it's OK to text. I don't check it to see if anyone had called. Am I curious? Sure. But, I'm also considerate and realize that one little glaring light is annoying and distracting, regardless of how full or empty a theater might be. Unfortunately, at the movie yesterday I sat behind a real assface who didn't realize he was being a complete and total douchebag. He didn't just pull out his phone and check it once or twice, nor did he do it quickly. In fact, I think at some point he was writing a novel and it was really, really bugging. Finally, I could contain myself no more and the next time he pulled out his phone, I said, "Do you mind?" He somehow couldn't hear me (spontaneously deaf? Related to Kelly Clarkson?), so after another minute of his rudeness, I *may* have spewed out, "Could you put your f$*&ing phone away please?" Yes, in case you were wondering, the please at the end took away from the fact that I totally dropped the f-bomb in public. For some reason, he didn't pull out that phone again the rest of the movie. Oh, but as soon as the movie was over I hauled myself out of the theater as fast as my little legs could carry me. :)

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Tracie said...

Whatever works. I totally hate that, too. I'm bringing you to movies with me from now on. :)