Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pinky's Fandance, Friday Edition

I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but Christie Brinkley is my BFF. Well, sort of. I've always thought she was the most beautiful person in the world (seriously, she's over 50....can you believe it?) and could never figure out why she's got such an unfortunate love life. Anyway, Hiba, Heidi, and I ran into her at Sundance this year and somehow wormed our way into the massive herd of people to get a picture.This is the first attempt at a picture. Notice the massive throngs of people surrounding us. OK, I'll admit it: I *may* have totally cut one or two of them off (hey, you need to be aggressive in those situations. You snooze, you lose). While taking the picture, I thought I'd tell her that I thought she was the most beautiful person I'd ever seen...hence the ridiculous look on my face. I'm like mid-sentence (nice that I took the picture myself and still looked silly).After the pictures were taken, we went on our merry way. Although I was stoked to get the first picture, I wasn't thrilled with the end result and wished we could try it again. As luck would have it, we happily came across her down the road a little later. I just had to get another picture, as the first one was completely unacceptable. I like the photo above because it looks like I'm hanging out with my BFF.The best part of the story was that she loved our matching shoes (as we all had on pink shoes) and we told her my name was Pinky after the first picture. So, when she saw me again she said, "Pinky!" See, I told you. BFFs. Plus, look at our picture. She totally loves the pink.

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Taryn said...

Yeah I have to say that looks like one of the most "willing" pictures by a celebrity that you have- you two truely are BFF's!