Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pinky's Fandance, Friday Edition

Glenn Close is one of the celebrities who stopped me in my tracks. I'd seen her at Sundance many, many times and would freeze each time. Hello, it's GLENN CLOSE!!! Still, she always seemed really nice and would mingle with volunteers and the common folk. Imagine my surprise to find her at my shuttle stop one snowy day waiting for a bus. I was actually talking to her husband before I realized who she was (look at her, she's all bundled up). When I figured it out, I blurted out, "Oh my God, you're Glenn Close" (always nothing but discreet). She was SO nice. I told her about seeing her over the years and how I'd always chickened out asking for a picture. She replied, "You should never let anyone intimidate you." How freaking cool is that? At one point I asked her for a picture and she said she wasn't feeling well and I said, "That's OK. Hopefully I'll run into you another time and we can get a picture then" (because I wasn't going to push it. Having a conversation with her was more fun than being annoying and pushing for something she didn't feel like doing). We talked for awhile, but the bus never came. Glenn and her posse (there were six of them) needed to get to a screening in 15 minutes. I said if I had my car, I'd drive her, and she said, "I've got a car. Drive that." Um, drive Glenn Close's car to her premiere? Why, sure! At some point she said, "You know, if you've been waiting for a picture with me, I should just do it." And then we took this amazing picture. As it was being taken, she said, "The Pink" and pointed to me. How cool is that? So, I drove Glenn, her husband, and four other friends to their premiere. As we were driving, they were teasing me and saying they were Pinky's prisoners. It was completely surreal to look in the rearview mirror and see Glenn's face. She even took my phone number in case they needed a ride later. Hello, Glenn has my phone number? Oh, wait. That's right. We're BFFs, I forgot. :) She was amazing. I'm still so thrilled for this encounter. It made my whole year.

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